Is It Legal to Start a Business Out of Your Apartment?


Before starting any business plans, it’s necessary to do research. A good business has a good foundation and a reliable home base. If part of your business plan is to start your business in your apartment, its legality is vital. Understanding the Legality of Starting a Business Out of Your Apartment To understand if you are legally able to have a business in your apartment, consider the following: Check Your Apartment Lease Every lease signed has its rules and regulations the tenants must adhere to while living in the building. Under these conditions, a section might talk about the legality of starting a business in the complex. If you don’t see a section talking about a business operating on the grounds, it doesn’t mean it’s legal. A business has the potential of disturbing the other tenants, and your apartment complex might not want to take the risks.To be safe, talk to the owner of the building. Conglomerates own most larger apartment complexes. If a conglomerate owns the apartments, it might be more challenging to get them to waive restrictions if there are any.It’s tempting to move forward without speaking to the building’s owners first, but do this with caution. Breaking the rules and regulations of your lease while you grow your business could hinder the progress of your business, and you risk losing your apartment. Check Zoning Laws Zoning laws are in place to separate incompatible land use such as commercial, residential, agricultural, and industrial. The system of zoning laws is in place to prevent new development from harming the existing adjacent land use.Zoning laws might prohibit a business from operating within your apartment because your complex is on residential land. Some areas can operate as both residential and commercial, known as mixed-use lands. However, if your apartment complex is not under mixed-use land, apart from getting permission from your apartment complex, you’ll need permission from the local zoning board. Check Business License and Permits Even if your business doesn’t require a license, your city or apartment complex ...

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September 26th, 2021

Free up Office Space by Promoting a “Go Green” Workforce


Decluttering the office won’t just make the space cleaner, it will also increase productivity. A clean environment is a positive one that helps increase efficiency and output. Going green is a great way to start decluttering. By focusing on reducing waste, you will naturally reduce unnecessary items taking up space. Eco-friendly practices in the office will encourage employees to look at their space differently, ensuring they maintain a closer watch on the waste produced. How to Create an Eco-Friendly Office Here are some tips on incorporating eco-friendly practices into the office that will help free up space. Have a Designated Recycling Station Having a visible and accessible place for employees to recycle their trash correctly is a sure way to ensure the office is clean and helps the environment. Working in an office means having recyclable office supplies. Encourage employees to leave their reusable items in their designated place so that their co-workers can use them as well. This station can also function as a place for repurposed items. Instead of throwing away a big box, it can become a storage container in the office. Maintaining a designated area for recycling will ensure recyclable items are disposed of properly and keep the office clean. Implement a Paper Conscious Policy Most paperwork these days is handled digitally. The digital age is good for reducing paper waste. Your office can take advantage of technology to avoid using paper unless necessary. There is no longer a need to have piles of paper on desks or in storage rooms. Encourage your employees to keep their paperwork digital. Digital records will also help streamline any paper passing within the office. Recycle Electronics As a company, it’s essential to keep our electronics up to date for efficiency. Don’t just throw out your old electronics, instead recycle them. Local nonprofits and companies can help you recycle your electronics. Nonprofit organizations will also accept your old electronics as donations. Recycling or donating any old electronics in the office will free up space and give you more ...

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September 22nd, 2021

How to Clean and Store Your Halloween Costumes


Halloween is the time of year when it’s acceptable to get dressed up and eat all the candy you could want — what could be better?. It’s a fun season, but like all seasons, it comes to an end. November 1st means putting your costume away. It might be easiest to throw your Halloween costume in a random corner, but if you want to re-use it in later years, this is not the best method. Your costume requires cleaning and proper storage methods to keep it in good condition. Clean Your Costume Before Storing An excellent place to start is looking at the cleaning instructions on your costume. Depending on the material of your costume, it will require different cleaning methods. For example, a beaded or sequin costume needs to be hand washed to prevent the falling of the beads or sequins. Some costumes will need to be dry cleaned, and for others, it will be perfectly safe to throw them in a washing machine. Cleaning Your Halloween Mask Cleaning your Halloween masks requires a different approach from the clothing of your costume. Don’t throw your masks into a washer machine or dryer. Clean your masks with a towel using hand soap and warm water. When cleaning your masks, make sure to pay close attention to the eye and mouth opening. Make sure your mask is completely dry before storing it to avoid mold or peeling. Cleaning Your Halloween Wig Make sure to use shampoo and conditioner specifically for synthetic wigs to clean out your wig. Place your clean wing on a towel on a flat surface to air dry. Don’t blow dry, hang, or place your wig in direct sunlight to dry. Attempting to do anything other than air drying will damage the fibers in the hair and stretch the cap. Once dry, comb out and detangle the wig. Start combing at the bottom, then move up. Combing out your wig in this way will smooth out your wig and will remove unwanted knots. Cleaning Your ...

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September 19th, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Storing Shoes Long Term

Home Storage

There are a number of reasons we want the shoes we buy to last us a long time: we don’t want to go through the effort of buying new ones; a good pair of sneakers or boots can be expensive; caring for our shoes is not only financially beneficial, but it will make our closet look more organized. Learning to store and clean shoes properly guarantees our shoes will last longer and look better. How to Clean Your Shoes Before Storing Them Before storing your shoes—long term or short term—it’s recommended to clean them. Shoes are different materials that require different methods of cleaning. Materials to construct shoes can include fabrics, leather, suede, velvet and other materials. Before cleaning your shoes, look at the material and then determine what you need to clean them. Cleaning Shoes Made of Fabric Throwing any pair of shoes into the washer, even fabric shoes, is not a good idea. Most shoes are assembled with glue that will not withstand the washer for long. Instead, wipe down your fabric shoe with a dry paper towel to eliminate loose surface dirt or dust.Once the surface is clean, you can start scrubbing the shoes. The brush you use should have soft bristles that won’t pull the shoe’s fabric. To scrub the shoe, you can use shoe cleaner, but it’s not necessary to purchase shoe cleaner. Liquid dish soap can also clean a pair of fabric shoes. Regardless of what you use to clean your shoes, it’s vital to let your shoe dry properly before storing. Wet shoes can get moldy and start falling apart. Cleaning Shoes Made of Leather Leather shoes also don’t require purchasing shoe cleaner. Using a solution of water and white vinegar works to remove stains. Avoid using a brush on leather shoes to prevent scratching. Clean your leather shoe with a soft cloth and rub off marks gently.To restore the shine on your leather shoes, you can use commercial polish or glass cleaner. Apply the glass cleaner on a ...

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September 15th, 2021

Marie Kondo’s Top 5 Storage Tips


Marie Kondo, best known for her books and Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kando, has introduced a new way to organize our homes. Her iconic question, “Does it spark joy?” has reshaped the way people think about their belongings. An item in your home shouldn’t just take up space; it should serve you, and as Marie Kondo says, it should bring you joy. Understanding Marie Kondo’s Top 5 Storage Tips With Marie Kondo’s approach to our home’s space and objects in mind, here are five tips on utilizing storage. 1. Take Inventory of Your Belongings Step one to reorganizing your home is to know and understand what you have. As we saw in her Netflix show, Marie Kondo recommends taking everything out of its current storage space. Lay out every single item of clothing, all your coffee mugs, every trinket and then look at each individual object. To move forward from this step, you have to know precisely what items you have, how much you have, and if you need all of them. Each object must spark joy and serve a purpose. 2. It’s About Categories, Not the Room When we clean, we tackle each room individually. Marie Kono’s advice is to tackle organizing by categories. Things used regularly should be easily accessible and stored in the same place. Clothing should be broken down into its own categories for organization and locating.Breaking down clothing into categories can look like storing it by tops, bottoms, or items that need hanging. This same approach can work in your kitchen by breaking down your kitchen appliances into their categories and storing them accordingly. Tackling organizing room to room rather than by category isn’t as effective because it can result in items being spread around your home rather than stored together. 3. Store Items Vertically, Not Horizontally Objects stored vertically not only look better, but they are more accessible. Instead of folding your clothes and stacking them, consider arranging them vertically. With your shirts and pants stored like books on a ...

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September 12th, 2021

6 Tips for Throwing a Successful New York City Stoop Sale


Big cities like New York often mean having to live in small spaces. When there’s limited storage in our home, our living space can quickly become cluttered. A common and profitable way to declutter is to have a stoop sale. Hosting a stoop sale isn’t just about collecting random items in your home and then laying them out for people. Like most things in life, a stoop sale takes planning. How to Throw an Awesome New York Stoop Sale Here we have six tips to help you throw a successful New York stoop sale. 1. Sort Your Items Before planning the stoop sale, it’s necessary to sort through the items you no longer want. For example, if you have a big-ticket item such as a computer, a stoop sale might not be the place for it. Most people are not willing or able to drop a couple of hundred dollars on the spot, especially if they happen to stumble onto your stoop sale. It would help if you considered selling more expensive items like computers or iPods on eBay or Craigslist.Go through the items and determine their value as well as their quality. Avoid selling “fixer-uppers” at your stoop sale because it undermines the quality of your other items. People don’t want to buy sweaters with old coffee stains on them. Only selling what is still in good condition can be priced under 75 dollars. 2. Keep in Mind New York’s Law Most stoop sales aren’t subject to sales tax registration requirements, but it’s essential to know what to do to avoid having to register. Under Tax Law section 1115(a)(18), it states that a stoop sale can not be more than three days or it will be subject to sale tax regulation and registration. Another detail to keep in mind is that your sales can not exceed 600 dollars under the same tax law section. The limitation of $600 is also why it’s recommended not to sell expensive items such as computers in your stoop sale. 3. ...

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September 8th, 2021

How to Cope with Moving on from Your Old Home


Transitions can be challenging. Moving from a home you’ve been at for a long time, or even your whole life is bound to be a difficult process, and a big move like this can bring on homesickness, a symptom of a longing for the familiar.For most, there is a general feeling of loss for the security and predictability of their old home. For some, they might experience more severe symptoms from the transition. Anxiety, sadness, or fear can all present as a natural reaction to transitioning from a comfortable environment into an unknown. Tips for Coping after a Move Whether you experience a general feeling of loss or debilitating anxiety, being homesick is natural. Homesickness doesn’t need to define your moving experience, and you can manage by keeping a few tips in mind. Allow Yourself to be Sad Sometimes, the most challenging aspect about experiencing negative emotions is admitting that you’re feeling that way in the first place. Admitting to yourself and allowing yourself to be sad will help you eventually accept your big move. Once you accept you’re not feeling well, you can begin to help yourself and ask for help. Use the Memories of Your Old Home to Your Advantage Thinking back to what has been lost or left behind is painful, but it can also help. You loved your old home for a reason. Looking at your old memories can help you build new memories. Find the belongings from your old home that you can introduce into your new home. You might never be able to go back, but you can build a space you’ll love from those memories. Create New Routines and Transitions A new environment means adapting. To help you through your homesickness, find a new routine that fits your new home and new life. If there was a specific cafe around the corner of your old home, but there’s no cafe near you, then adjust. Create a small space in your kitchen for a coffee station. Buy yourself a home espresso machine ...

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September 5th, 2021

8 Tips for Moving While Pregnant


Moving can be a stressful process on its own, but having to move while pregnant can be an overwhelming burden. Whether you’re moving for more space, a fresh start, or any other reason, moving doesn’t have to feel unconquerable. The most important aspect, of course, is to prioritize yourself and the baby. Advice for Moving While Pregnant Here are a few tips to keep in mind while you begin the moving process. 1. Try to Move Before Your Third Trimester The third trimester is hard on the body. Symptoms of the third trimester can be painful and uncomfortable. The increase of fetal activity will cause aches and cramping in your abdominal area and back. Around the third trimester, fatigue and lack of balance are also common. Choosing when to move is entirely up to you, but it would be beneficial to you and your baby to try and move before you reach the third trimester. 2. Consult Your Doctor or Find a Doctor in Your New Area It’s necessary to consult your doctor before beginning moving to ensure you are not risking any complications. The doctor might advise you to take a less active role if you’re potentially at risk for preterm labor or other such complications.If you are moving to a new area and need a new doctor, it’s best to sort out your medical needs before your move. Keep your medical records on hand while moving to ensure your new medical provider will have everything they need to help you. 3. Lift and Bend Safely Speaking to your doctor before the move is also helpful because they can demonstrate how to lift and bend safely. Pregnancy produces increased levels of hormone relaxins that loosen ligaments. The body does this to help with labor, but it also puts your body at more risk. Common injuries during pregnancy include back strain, pubic symphysis dysfunction (SPD), carpal tunnel pain, and sacroiliac joint problems. These pregnancy injuries arise without the strain of a big move, so it’s important to learn ...

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September 1st, 2021

Create Space for a Jaw-Dropping Adult Game Room

Family Fun

After a long day of work, coming home to an exciting and personalized game room can help you unwind and have a bit of fun. A game room is a place where you can enjoy your favorite activities with either your friends or yourself. From watching TV to playing video games, there’s so much you’re able to do with a whole room dedicated to having fun.There’s no age limit for having fun. Incorporating old memories and new interests into your game room will have you wanting to spend all your time playing games. Keep reading to find inspiring ideas on how to elevate your game room space. 4 Creative Ideas That Will Boost Your Game Room If your game room is in desperate need of creative new ideas, we have some that will work for all types of spaces. Whether your room is the size of a small movie theater or you’re stuck in the cupboard below the stairs, these new additions will give you the game room of your dreams. Put in a Cocktail Bar In some ways, alcohol is the candy of adulthood, and what better way to enjoy your games and events than with a sweet cocktail or flight of beers. Grab your friends and celebrate your new bar with some drinks and games. Buy a Pool Table Looking for a professional game to play while discussing your recent promotion? A pool table is an elegant addition to your game room that can bring all different types of people together. Get a High-Quality TV If you enjoy movies, tv shows, or sports, investing in a high-quality tv is something you should consider purchasing. Experiencing higher definition and a better sound system can change how you see the movie. Add Some Arcade Games Nothing screams game room more than old arcade games that throw you back into your early childhood nostalgia. Whether you’re playing Pac-Man or Street Fighter II, some old-time classic games are a perfect addition that will have your friends begging you to play.There’s never a ...

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August 26th, 2021

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