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Treasure Island Storage Blog

What to Do With My Belongings Before I Travel

Traveling is one of the best ways to learn more about yourself and the world. You can discover things you never knew you loved, places you never knew existed, and develop passions you never knew you had. Travel opportunities don’t come around often, so if you get the chance, seize it! Don’t let your belongings […]

Can I Rent a Storage Unit in Another State?

First-time storage unit renters often have several questions. Whether it’s about costs, sizing, or insurance, renters want to ensure their precious possessions are secure and protected—no matter how close or far away from them they are. So, what happens if you need to rent a storage unit in another state?  Renting a Storage Unit in […]

Moving and Storage Tips for College Students During Campus Shutdowns

For college students across the country, the COVID-19 crisis has caused displacement, uncertainty, and a less-than-ideal environment for taking classes and enjoying university life. Many colleges have even shut down their campuses, canceled in-person classes, and closed dormitories in favor of virtual learning, putting students in an awkward position in terms of where to live […]

How to Organize Your Space for At-Home Learning

In 2020, everything is different. From the landscape of American businesses to the unusual presidential election, so many of us across the country have had to adapt to ever-changing circumstances, and this school year is no different. Now that this academic year is well underway for schools throughout the country, we understand that children must […]

4 Self-Storage Mistakes People Make

Self-storage units are great for those looking to stockpile their belongings before a move, declutter their space, or downsize their home. But without the proper care and approach, what was meant to be a straightforward and useful accommodation can quickly turn into a nightmare. Self-storage units are, put simply, a place to hold your stuff. […]

How to Safely Store Gold at Home

If you own gold—which is, of course, an extremely valuable precious metal—it’s important to contemplate how you will safely and accessibly store it at home. This becomes especially significant when you consider that there is no replacement policy. That is, if you lose your gold, it’s gone forever. The security and welfare of your precious […]

4 Tips for Packing and Storing Really Large Items

On paper, the concept of packing your belongings in a storage locker seems simple: toss your items into some sealed boxes, bring them to a professional facility, shove them inside a 10x10 room, and voilà! But when moving day arrives, you realize just how daunting the task ahead can feel. Sure, packing your assorted knick-knacks, […]

4 Tips for Dealing with Temporary Homelessness

If you’ve suddenly found yourself temporarily without a home—perhaps you’re moving, your house is under construction, your job is relocating you, or you’re facing a natural disaster—you may feel as if you’ve been thrown off the deep end. You’re forced to scramble, you need to quickly address a number of immediate questions, and you’re under […]

How to Safeguard Your Storage Unit from Bugs and Pests

Just imagine. After a long winter, you finally decide that it’s time to reopen your home storage unit. You pry open the door, glance in, and suddenly realize that your worst nightmare has been realized. Mice, cockroaches, and other creepy-crawlies have destroyed your tightly-packed storage locker. They’ve created a lovely home within the cracks and […]

Garage Sale Items You Shouldn't Sell but Store Instead

If you often find yourself dusting off overcrowded shelves, sifting through cobwebbed attic spaces, or still trying to close that one craft drawer that just won’t shut, it may be time to declutter. A garage sale is a great place to start if you’re looking to downsize your home or tidy up your space. Not […]

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