TI Storage
July 21st, 2017

Storage units are used to store everything from old socks and shoes to valuable collections that are worth millions of dollars. If you’ve ever used a storage unit, you know that sometimes, it can be easy to forget what you’ve placed in storage. If rent is not paid on a unit, after a certain period of time that unit can be sold or put up for auction. When a unit is auctioned off, all the contents inside the unit go to the buyer. If the buyer is lucky, they will place the lucky bid on a big-ticket item that’s worth a fortune.Let’s talk about the three most valuable items ever found in a storage unit.

Treasure Chest

Imagine placing a bid on a storage unit and finding you’ve uncovered a literal gold mine. Well, that was a reality for one lucky buyer in 2011. The storage unit sold for $1,000 and turned out to be well worth the price. Containing a treasure chest full of Spanish gold coins, the value of the storage unit proved to be over $500,000. The chest required three people to lift it, and the buyer chose to remain anonymous. Some coins dated back to the 16th century. The anonymous buyer might decide to purchase a ship to go along with his treasure.

Action Comics # 1

Talk about a storage unit that saved the day! If you’re well versed in comic books, then just seeing the name “Action Comics” already tells you how valuable this next storage unit is. Again in 2011, a storage unit was sold in California with a near-mint condition copy of Action Comics # 1 which features the first appearance of Superman. The comic book later sold for more than $2 million through a comic book website. Nicholas Cage had reportedly purchased the comic book years earlier for $150,000 but it was reported stolen shortly afterward. The storage locker turned out to be a hidden national treasure.

Beach Boys’ Documents and Papers

It turns out, not all paperwork is worthless! In the late 2000s, a blind auction put up a storage locker described as “containing documents and papers.” The buyer purchased the unit for a few hundred dollars. It turned out to be a smart investment as the storage locker included original lyrics, contracts, royalty checks, and musical arrangements belonging to The Beach Boys. After eight years the documents were sold at a sealed bid, and although the actual amount was undisclosed, it was believed to be at least $10 million dollars.

Store Your Valuable Belongings with Treasure Island Storage

If you have something valuable that you need to put in storage, Treasure Island Storage has the storage solution for you. We offer top-rated security, 24/7 access, climate-controlled units, and so much more! With TI Storage, you’ll be able to conveniently access your valuable belongings whenever you need them so you’ll never forget them. And, if getting your belongings to us is a problem, we offer free moving services!So you’ll never forget the valuable belongings you have in storage, Treasure Island Storage provides multiple warnings should anyone fall behind on payments. We also provide a three-month window before items are put up for sale to help ensure this doesn’t happen to our customers. Check out our blog for more storage tips and don’t forget to contact us to find a storage facility near you!