3 Reasons Storage Units Provide More Value Than You Might Think


TI Storage
March 26th, 2021

The value in having your own storage unit may seem fairly obvious: you have an easily accessible and dedicated space to store and organize your unused or seasonal items. While this may be the first and most important way that a storage unit can provide you with value, it is certainly not the last. Self-storage has become more popular than ever among families, college students, and even small businesses.Here are some of the ways storage units can provide you and your family with value and a variety of unique benefits.

Storing Old Items Opens Up New Possibilities

One of the best aspects of renting your own self-storage unit is that you can organize and manage your items whenever you want. The freedom of being able to store your possessions quickly and safely can provide new opportunities for home organization and might even open up ways for you to make a little bit of extra money.For example, if you have a garage that has become the unofficial “junk drawer” of the house and is full of old boxes and mementos, you can easily move your extra items from there into a self-storage unit that you can access at any time. This gives you the opportunity to transform the garage into:
  • An extra bedroom
  • An office
  • An art studio
  • A den
  • A playroom
  • A mother-in-law suite
Another popular choice is to convert your garage into an Airbnb, which is especially lucrative for those who live in areas that are often visited by tourists.

Storage Units Can Buy You Extra Time

If you have ever been in the middle of a move and realized that you were running out of time to clear out your residence, a self-storage unit can serve as a perfect transition between an old home and a new one. Even if you still have plenty of time left on your lease, storage can help you secure your items until you’re ready to move out.One of the most popular methods for leveraging storage space during a move to save time is to keep items in there that you don’t use daily, like books, furniture, holiday decor, or even clothing.

Safely Storing Valuable Items Can Save You Money

Keeping prized possessions and expensive items such as jewelry, art, antiques, collectibles, or heirlooms at home can make some people feel uneasy. Many individuals purchase security systems, safes, and other tools to lock up the assets they want to protect.These methods can be expensive and time-consuming. Some items may even require specific climate conditions to preserve them. Using a self-storage unit to secure your valuables is a cost-effective and efficient way to monitor the security of expensive assets.

Trust the Storage Experts at Treasure Island Storage

The most efficient way to organize and transform your home is to take advantage of self-storage. For families, individuals, and small business owners, having a self-storage space that is easily accessible can make a world of a difference. When you’re ready to rent your new unit, the team at Treasure Island Storage can help you make the transition a breeze.Call Treasure Island Storage at 212-804-8972 or reach out to us online for a free quote or to book your rental reservation today.