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August 4th, 2017

Cluttered homes make homeowners feel trapped in their own wreckage. Blaming themselves becomes commonplace as they search for storage solutions in their own homes. Their antics become akin to a T.V. show while the clutter in their homes continues to frustrate them. You might also find yourself having trouble dealing with the clutter in your own home. Before you start throwing items out of your windows, let’s look a few reasons why your home might be cluttered and how you can fix it.

Reason # 1: You Have Too Many Things

The most obvious problem is usually the one that brings the most trouble. From overflowing closets to tight garages clutter occurs naturally if the right attention isn’t being given. Everyone loves finding the best deals and taking advantage of buy one get ones, but when too many things are purchased it creates clutter.

Solution: Throw Some Away

Storage containers might feel like the perfect solution to your clutter problem, but tossing a few things out could prove to be the most beneficial thing to do. Organizing everything in your home can be a daunting task; facilitate organization by reducing what you have to sort through. A few things to throw away that you probably won’t miss are:
  • Old magazines and newspapers
  • Anything that may be broken that you can’t repair
  • Excess sheets and old linens that you don’t use anymore
  • Old technology like VHS tapes, DVDs, and CDs if you’re not frequently watching or listening to them
Voilà! You’ve eliminated some clutter already. Anything that remains in your home without being used for a year or longer might be ideal for your next trip to the junkyard.

Reason # 2:  You Have No Organization

One of the most common reasons your home is cluttered is disorganization. You may not know where to put new items and throw them in a pile somewhere. Eventually, the pile grows into a mountain of clothes or junk. Luckily, the solution is pretty simple.

Solution: Organize Your Home

Organizing your home isn’t as daunting as it sounds. You can easily eliminate clutter by:
  • Having a designated spot for junk mail
  • Adding hooks or hangers for clothes and closet space
  • Organizing your pantry and throwing out old leftovers in your fridge
  • Creating a laundry system that doesn’t involve throwing your clothes into a pile
  • Checking out a local storage facility
Organization is a key aspect of keeping your home clutter-free. Try to formulate your own strategy for the best results!

Reason # 3: You Gave Up Trying to Find a Solution

There might a perfectionist inside of you somewhere. When you stare at the clutter in your home, you might feel like you’re not equipped to deal with it. You try to find the perfect organization system and realize that the perfect system doesn’t exist. The clutter becomes a permanent part of your home decor as you can’t decide what you should try to organize first. Giving up on a solution isn’t the end! There are always steps you can take to get back on track.

Solution: Don’t Try to be Perfect

Instead of seeking out perfection, your goal should be to make your home more organized than it was before. Try a few methods like:
  • Dedicating 15 minutes a day to clean up one small area in your home such as a table or a section in your living room
  • Scanning out a room in your home and visualizing how you’d like it to look
  • Creating a to-do list that starts with quick and easy tasks
Organizing your home can take time. There’s no quick-fix for creating eliminating clutter, but a few small steps can make a big difference.If you feel like you still need a little extra help eliminating clutter, Treasure Island Storage has you covered! We offer plenty of household solutions for the items that always seem to be a part of your clutter pile. Be sure to contact us to start storing and create a little extra room in your home one step at a time!