TI Storage
July 10th, 2017

Anything from taking up more space than necessary to causing permanent damage to a product can be considered a storage mistake. Figuring out the right storage solution for each item could end up being a daunting experience. All of us are most likely guilty of improper storage practices. These are a few things many of us are probably storing ineffectively.


Medication is usually stored for convenience first and safety second. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, storing medication in a dedicated medicine cabinet is not the best option. The heat and moisture that could build up inside of a bathroom cabinet may damage your medicine and make it less potent. Store your medication in a cool, dry, area like a dresser drawer. A storage box or a kitchen cabinet away from your stove is also a great place to keep your medication.

Important Documents

It’s easy to forget about storing your important documents. Instead of putting them in a drawer, place them in a container that you can get to quickly. Important documents include:
  • Birth Certificates
  • Passports
  • Financial Records
  • Medical Records
A container that is weather and fireproof is the best option for keeping these papers safe. You can even use a safe deposit box for the originals and keep the photocopies in a standard plastic container. Always keep track of where you place the container after storing. Choose a dedicated location in your home and stick to it.


When it comes to clothes, most of us have probably committed a few storage mistakes. Wrinkles aren’t the only problem that come from less than ideal storage practices. When left out in the open, the colors of clothes can fade, or pests could be attracted to them in particular environments. To avoid damage, fold your clothes and place them in drawers. If you know you won’t be wearing certain clothing items for a while, consider using a breathable canvas bag with a zipper to keep them safe from pests. For new clothes, don’t forget to take them out of plastic bags before putting them in your closet. The bags can trap moisture and damage your new outfit!Improper storage can cause more damage than you might think. Do you feel like you might be storing a few more items incorrectly? Check out our blog for more storage tips! Treasure Island Storage has years of storage experience. Contact us for self-storage solutions to learn how you can keep your items safe and properly stored.