3 Tips for Keeping Your NYC Business Relocation on Budget


TI Storage
July 5th, 2021

The process of moving your office and employees requires teamwork and an organized budget.Expecting your team to understand and participate in the many responsibilities and processes that come with moving may overwhelm employees if you do not provide a clear plan.To relieve uncertainty and stress, creating deadlines and a budget is critical. With many creative ideas on motivating and involving employees in the office relocation, establishing a known financial estimate for your employees to follow is essential.

3 Ways to Budget Your NYC Business Relocation

Planning an office move takes time and organization. While some businesses can hire a high-cost relocation company, most prefer to find cost-effective ways to move. Here are some tips that might help you lower the cost of your relocation.

Decrease the Amount You Need to Pack

Packing all your equipment and appliances is time-consuming and costly. Instead of spending more of your budget to pack unnecessary items, instruct employees to go through the essentials and donate what’s not needed. For those struggling to declutter their office space, start with the following tips:
  • Decide what you really need.
  • Create an item inventory list.
  • Organize your packing by priority.
  • Tackle your most cluttered spots.

Determine If You Need to Hire Moving Professionals

While some companies might ask employees to help with the move, others will prefer hiring professionals to relocate their items. There are benefits to both, but the actual decision comes from what you’re able to afford.If you’re a smaller business, it might be more efficient to pay employees for their time and efforts rather than spend that money on a company. You might also have less furniture and tools to move. If your company owns heavy equipment or furniture, it may be in your best interest to hire a moving company.

Use Reusable Packing Materials

While you may think sustainable materials are more expensive, there are many moving companies that offer inexpensive and reusable alternatives that you’ll be able to use again or sell. If your company needs to move again or place items in storage, investing in these reusable packing materials will save you money in the future.Not only is it more cost-effective and helpful to the environment, but you may already have the equipment. Using old clothes like socks, shirts, and old towels to wrap breakable items is a sustainable, reusable option. Searching through old office material or asking employees if they have old shirts to donate will help your budget.

Find Self-Storage Solutions in NYC with Treasure Island Storage

When you’re moving into a new business space and find that there’s currently too much clutter, self-storage is a great option to store your extra items. At Treasure Island Storage, we offer monthly leases, so you’re able to decide how long you need extra space. With video surveillance, gated security, and climate-controlled units, we’re able to offer clients high-quality units suitable for all their needs.Call (212) 804-8972 or fill out our online contact form for more information about our self-storage options and other services we offer.