3 Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy on Moving Day


TI Storage
February 9th, 2021

Moving day is often stressful, but it can be even more overwhelming when children are in the mix. There are so many tasks for you to complete, and if your kids are young, they likely won’t be able to help. Here are some ways to keep your kids busy on moving day. If you’re looking to further simplify your move, self-storage is available at multiple Treasure Island Storage locations.

Hire a Babysitter for Moving Day

Chances are high that, on moving day, you’ll be unloading items from the moving truck and setting them in their spaces all day. Transporting loads of boxes and furniture will be physically draining and can be dangerous when spaces aren’t cleared, so it will be helpful to have children and pets gone. A babysitter can take your kids to a favorite park or a friend’s house so you can move with ease.

Designate a “Kids Only” Room

If the weather isn’t ideal for outdoor playtime, and you can’t find a babysitter, designate a safe room for your children to play in for the day. Before the move, take your kids to the store and have them pick out a new board game, puzzle, or book. This will keep them entertained and busy for hours. Portable DVD players are also a great way to keep kids occupied.You can even set up a pillow and blanket fort for your kids to play their games. Whatever you do, just make sure you inform the movers that the room is off-limits.

Two Parents Can Take Turns

In most cases, both parents won’t have to be present throughout the move the entire time. Whenever one parent needs to catch a break, they can play with their children or take them for a walk around the new neighborhood.

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