4 Items You’ll Want to Store When Renting Out Your Home


TI Storage
July 1st, 2021

Whether you’ve finally decided to travel the world in a renovated van or are looking to start earning extra income, renting out your home comes with a few concerns. Before you start renting out your home, there are a few things to ask yourself.The first thing you should determine is what should and shouldn’t stay on the property. If you have precious valuables or irreplaceable items, you should store them in a safe location where you’ll have easy access to them if needed. If you don’t have any more space where you’re living, a great option is self-storage.

What Items Should I Store When Renting Out My Home?

There are a few different ways for someone to rent out their home. If you’re using Airbnb or other similar sites, you’ll need to include furniture and other household items your guests will need. If you are leasing your home for a longer term rental, you may decide not to include the furniture.From toothbrushes to body lotion, there are just some things you don’t want other people to touch or use. See below for items you’ll want to store when renting out your home:

Private Documents

Paperwork or documentation that has personal identification and other private information should be stored in a safe location. Some examples of these types of documents are medical records or tax information. Keeping that information secure is essential and should not be left on the rental property.

Personal Items

Personal items like your favorite pillow, old journals, and photo albums are great examples of things you should take out of the property you’re renting. Keeping a picture of your family on the counter is awkward for both parties. It’s better to go through your belongings and take all those memorabilia.

Priceless Belongings

Jewelry, unique art, and family heirlooms are all items you’re unable to easily replace. You’re unable to replace a blanket your grandmother stitched by hand or a clock that’s been in your family for generations. Instead, swap irreplaceable items in the house with things you have no sentimental attachment to.

Medications & Toiletries

Anything you wouldn’t want another person using should not be in your home when people move in or check in for their vacation rental. Make sure to take your medications and any toiletries with you when you are preparing your home for the tenants. To keep track of your items, try making a list of each room in your home and write down items that need to go into storage.

Find High-Quality Self-Storage Options with TI Storage

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