4 Self-Storage Mistakes People Make


TI Storage
September 25th, 2020

Self-storage units are great for those looking to stockpile their belongings before a move, declutter their space, or downsize their home. But without the proper care and approach, what was meant to be a straightforward and useful accommodation can quickly turn into a nightmare.Self-storage units are, put simply, a place to hold your stuff. The concept is simple, but there are a number of frequent pitfalls that customers tend to fall into when storing their belongings. Before you just toss your items into a box and slam the door shut, consider avoiding these common self-storage mistakes.  

Common Oversights When Using a Self-Storage Unit

From choosing the wrong-sized unit to stacking without a plan, here are the most common mistakes that we see from self-storers.

Choosing the Wrong Unit Size

It’s not unusual to be halfway through the packing process only to come to the devastating realization that not every item is going fit. It can be extremely frustrating and force you to do double the work. Of course, it’s understandable that you may want to pick a smaller storage unit in order to be more cost-effective, but you want to make sure that you’re not painting yourself into a corner. In an attempt to be economical, you may find yourself in a bind. Many self-storage facilities, like Treasure Island Storage, provide useful storage guides and practiced experts who will help you determine the exact size for the unit you’ll need based on the specific items you intend to store.

Stacking Without a Plan

It’s important to be tactical about the way you store your items so that you can make the most of your space. Begin by stowing the biggest items first, then go for the second-biggest, third-biggest, and so on. Take advantage of the back wall, then begin to line the side walls so as to form a U-shape. Line each item up as far back as possible so you’re leaving yourself plenty of room to fit the rest of your boxes.Once you have plenty of space in the middle of your unit, work strategically in order to fully utilize the entire space. Think to yourself, could items be stored inside of one another? How about stacking your belongings? Could you save space by disassembling your furniture? Remember, always make sure to put the safety of both you and your belongings over anything else. Place and stack your items deliberately so that you don’t find yourself in a sticky situation. Additionally, keep in mind that you may need to come back to your storage unit and grab something. Pack the items that you’ll need to keep handy in an accessible place, not hiding in the very back of your unit underneath six heavy boxes and grandma’s couch.

Allowing Bugs and Pests to Infiltrate Your Storage Unit

It’s not hard to keep bugs and pests out of your storage locker, but you must follow a few basic steps. Not doing so could result in mice, cockroaches, and other creepy-crawlies wreaking havoc on your tightly packed storage locker.First and foremost, don’t stow any food in your storage locker. It may seem obvious, but it’s important to check every bag, box, and container for old food that may have been left behind. Likewise, bugs are attracted to anything with a scent, so avoid storing anything with an odor or aroma such as laundry detergent, candles, and essential oils. If possible, pack your items in plastic bins, cover your mattresses and upholstered furniture, and keep your items raised off the ground. It’s important that you do whatever you can to deter unwanted guests from visiting your unit.

Failing to Document Everything in Your Storage Unit

After a long day of transporting, unloading, and packing your items in a self-storage unit, you get home and suddenly think to yourself, “Wait, what did I do with the kitchen supplies?” One of the biggest mistakes when self-storing is forgetting to keep a list of all the items in your storage unit. Maybe you thought something was there, but now you can’t find it. That’s why it’s so important to keep tabs on everything in your unit. It will not only be beneficial for your own sanity, but it could be important for insurance reasons.

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