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May 8th, 2017

Cleaning is a labor of love. It takes time, dedication, and a lot of hard work to sort through belongings, tidy-up, and create a fresh and welcoming space. This mother’s day, if you’re looking for a unique gift for your mother, consider cleaning out her attic. This is something you can do together, or alone, sorting through belongings and old memories to create a manageable space is a gift she will truly appreciate.Before you dive in, however, take a look at these four tips to ensure you do the best job possible at cleaning out your mom’s attic!

Be Careful

First and foremost is safety. Many attics are home to various safety hazards. Cleaning out your mom’s attic wouldn’t be much of a gift if you ended up hurting yourself. Keep in mind that in many attics, there tend to be exposed nails and other items that can cause injury. Be sure to wear the proper footwear when venturing into the attic to avoid sustaining an injury that can turn Mother’s Day into a day at the ER. You may also want to consider wearing a mask to protect yourself from inhaling the layers of dust that have settled on the boxes. Grab a pair of gloves while you’re at it to ensure that no unnecessary injuries occur while sifting through storage.

Identify and Organize

As you clean out your mother’s attic, it’s likely you’ll find belongings you want to keep for the future. To ensure you keep those items separate and they don’t end up in the garbage, start generally organizing everything you come across. For example: separate all memorabilia items from furniture and old clothes. Don’t assume that anything can be thrown away; if you ask Mom, everything in the attic has a purpose. Put all items you believe she wouldn’t want to keep in a box and present it to her, so you can let her decide. If your mom has a hard time deciding, don’t be surprised. Getting rid of personal belongings can be difficult. To help keep the attic clean, remind her that she doesn’t have to get rid of items completely – a storage unit is a feasible solution for keeping items and staying organized.

Tidy Up

The attic is naturally a very dirty space. Therefore, once you have organized and removed everything from the attic, you might as well clean up. Something may need to be temporarily stored in the attic in the future, so do your best to make the space accommodating. Take the time to dust and vacuum the attic. Be sure to vacuum and not sweep, as sweeping will simply send the dust flying around the room. If you notice any major issues such as signs of mold, you may want to consider hiring a mold removal professional and having the attic properly insulated.

Find a Storage Unit with Benefits

Now that everything is out of Mom’s in-house storage, you have to put it somewhere, right? When you choose to store your mom’s items in a storage unit, you can ensure they will remain in top condition and be safe and secure. To place Mom’s belongings in a space that’s not susceptible to bugs or any other unhealthy conditions, look for a storage unit that offers climate control. Furthermore, to ensure your mom won’t have trouble getting her belongings when she needs them, choose a storage unit that offers assistance to make moving easier. Loading docks, elevators, and moving trucks are ideal.

Trustworthy Storage for Your Mother’s Belongings in NYC

At Treasure Island Storage we have exactly what you need to keep your mom’s belongings in tip-top shape. All our storage units throughout New York and New Jersey offer climate-controlled space of various sizes to best accommodate mom’s valuables. Our units also feature free moving trucks, loading docks, elevators, and easy access as well as a 24-hour security system to ensure the safety of your storage. To find a storage location near you and reserve your storage unit this Mother’s Day, give us a call at (347) 454-7455 or stop by your neighborhood Treasure Island Storage location. We can’t wait to help you give your mom the best gift ever!