TI Storage
August 8th, 2018

Not all closets are created equally. We all have extra clothes, shoes, and purses that simply will not fit into the closest, no matter how hard we try to shove them in there. Thankfully, we’ve identified a potential storage space that can help you declutter that closet and keep things organized.The space under your bed is a large, untouched, temperature-controlled area in your room that is perfect for storing those pesky items that don’t seem to fit anywhere. Follow these tips to make the most out of your square footage and create the ideal under bed storage.

Buy a Bed with Built-in Storage

This may seem like a no-brainer, but with the recent trend of minimalism and downsizing, many furniture manufacturers have begun creating multi-purpose furniture to help organize the home. When buying furniture, consider shops that offer functional furniture and look for beds with built-in storage.

Repurpose Old Furniture

Though it requires a bit of work, repurposing the old furniture you have lying around is a cost-effective and chic way to utilize the space underneath your bed. By adding wheels to things like old dresser drawers or bookshelves you can instantly create organized space under your bed and reuse that dresser that’s been sitting in your basement for years.

Reuse Old Storage Containers

Things like old cardboard boxes, baskets and suitcases are great tools for storing items under your bed. Adding furniture sliders to the bottoms of sturdy containers like these can help you pull them out with ease without scratching the floor.

Buy Vacuum-Sealed Bags

Just like closets, not all beds are built the same way. Some beds are shorter and more narrow than others, which can make creating under bed storage space a challenging craft. Thankfully, vacuum-sealed bags do not discriminate against bed size. Vacuum-sealed bags are also perfect for compacting bulky items like extra linens and pillows. These bags come in all different shapes and sizes, making it easy to slide under any bed.By using these tips to store your things under your bed, you can easily create space and organization in your room and closet. Of course, sometimes even the space under our beds can’t fit all of our things. For the rest, it’s best to use an affordable and well-maintained storage facility to house your goods. Treasure Island Storage offers state-of-the-art storage facilities, transparent pricing, and knowledgeable staff. Contact us for a free storage quote and to learn more about our facilities.