5 Best Storage Hacks for Making Your NYC Apartment Seem Bigger


TI Storage
April 1st, 2021

New York City apartments are notorious for two things: costing a lot of money and being tiny. Living in the Big Apple is totally worth the lack of space, but when you’re using your oven as a closet, it can be hard to remember that sometimes.Although none of these storage hacks will add square footage to your NYC apartment, they will provide you with more room so you can better enjoy your personal space. Unfortunately, none of these tips will be able to help you out with the family of tap dancers that live above you; sorry.

How to Make Your Tiny Apartment Appear Larger

The good news is that the key to successful small-space living might be easier than you think. Much of it boils down to tricking the eye into perceiving more space by employing concepts such as scale, light, and movement. Likewise, making use of storage space can be a game changer.

Kitchen Storage

Cabinet space is hard to come by in NYC apartments, so be smart about the kitchen items you keep. Axe single-use utensils like potato-mashers and opt for multi-use cooking tools like food processors that can replace your grater, blender, and mixer. Once you’ve cut out the excess, hang hooks or magnets on your wall to utilize vertical space for things like pans, utensils, and knives.

Multipurpose Furniture

Murphy beds aren’t the only furniture pieces that are working double-duty. Many ottomans, benches, and coffee tables now come with hidden storage features, and when living space is a hot commodity, these are down-right essential. We don’t need our winter blankets hogging space when we’re sticky and sweaty in June, so these hidden storage pieces are great for seasonal items.

Basement Storage

If you’re really lucky, you may have access to storage in your building’s basement. Ask your landlord if your building offers any storage lockers or available space to store things in the basement. If so, this would be a fantastic place to keep your oversized items like bicycles and other sports equipment that don’t get used frequently.

Wall Storage

Where most New York City apartments lack in horizontal space, they make up for in vertical height. Don’t allow all of this vertical storage space go to waste. Wall shelving is fantastic for storing books, craft supplies, vinyl record collections, or just about anything. Try hanging a floating shelf close to the ceiling, running the perimeter of the room. Not only does this give the effect of crown molding, but it will guide the eyes upward and create the illusion of height.

Off-Site Storage with Treasure Island Storage in NYC

If you’ve exhausted every storage hack you can think of and your apartment is still feeling way too cramped, off-site storage is the answer. Renting a unit at one of our New York City facilities will allow you the freedom to keep everything from sentimental items to office supplies in an easily-accessible space.Allow your NYC apartment to provide you with room to breathe again with Treasure Island Storage. Call (646) 603-1505 or complete our online contact form to find out more about our competitive rates today!