5 Tips for Storing China between Elegant Dinner Parties


TI Storage
July 19th, 2021

With different themes and colors, every occasion requires specific tableware. Whether you’re a collector or you love to entertain, storing your priceless dinnerware can seem daunting. Some pieces might be antique or passed down through generations, and without proper space, providing care for your cherished belongings is difficult.There may come a time when your cupboard can no longer hold the massive amounts of place settings. Your china ends up taking space from items you regularly use and is more likely to become damaged. Self-storage is a cost-effective way to keep all your special occasion tableware protected until you desire to use them again.

Ways to Properly Store and Protect Your China

Suppose your in-laws are coming over for the first time or you’re planning a stylish brunch for your friend’s birthday. You have the perfect silverware to impress your guests, but finding it would take a lifetime. When you place your items in self-storage, you have the freedom to organize them however you want and waste no time searching for your perfect dinner set.Instead of taking the risk of chipping your elegant kitchenware, use the tips below to protect and care for your china:

Invest in Cardboard Dividers

When you throw your plates or bowls into boxes without any structure, there’s a higher risk for damage. Creating some extra stability will prevent the stems of your glasses from breaking or completely shattering dinner plates.

Wrap Everything Up

Wrapping all your kitchenware is probably one of the essential tips in packing valuables. Each piece—even the lids of ceramic containers—needs to be wrapped individually. Make sure that there are no areas where pieces of ceramic or glass are exposed or unprotected. If you’re planning on moving around these boxes, we recommend using either bubble wrap or more sustainable options for extra protection.

Turn Your Plates and Bowls on Their Sides

The edges of bowls and plates are often stronger than the centers, and if placed vertically, they’re less likely to break. When they’re placed flat on the bottom of a box, the pressure is unequally distributed over the surface areas and makes it challenging to unpack these items.

Store Your Cups in To-Go Drink Caddies

If you’ve ever gotten more than one drink at Starbucks or a fast-food restaurant, you’ve probably gotten a cardboard to-go drink carrier. For tea cups, glassware, and even wine glasses, placing your cups in these containers will make it easier to pack.

Store Your Collection in Covered Spaces

Don’t plan to store your fine kitchenware outside of cupboards or boxes unless you’re prepared to clean them daily. The dust buildup that collects on your precious items will deteriorate their surface. Keeping them stored in covered containers is especially important for vintage and antique collections.

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