TI Storage
February 26th, 2018

Whether you have real or artificial Christmas trees, trimming them is no fun with tangled lights. This year, try some of these tips for storing lights, and make decorating fun again.

CardboardCut sturdy cardboard pieces into rectangles that measure approximately 12 inches long and 6 inches wide each. Don’t worry about exact measurements. Notch the side of each cardboard piece with heavy-duty scissors, and then secure one end of the light string before wrapping it. Lastly, to keep the lights from unraveling in storage, cut another notch where the string ends and secure it.

Zip Top BagsConnect the female end of a cord with the male end, place it into an appropriately sized zip top bag, and close it tightly so there are no loose ends to cause tangles. The plastic bag keeps the strand from moving around and protects the lights from rubbing against bulbs from other strings.

Power Cord HoldersLook for power cord holders specifically designed for big outdoor cables, and wind the light strings on the holders. Instead of tossing them into boxes with other decorations, store them on the wall in the garage, shed, or utility room. Depending on the length of your strings, you can wind them all on one holder. Just make sure to connect the lights first.

Cable TiesCable ties, also known as zip ties, wire ties, or zap straps, are inexpensive options for keeping lights organized. However, they must be used in a certain way for them to be efficient. Hold your arm out at a comfortable angle with your hand facing up. Start at the palm, and wind each strand of lights from there up to your elbow and back, creating a large circle. Secure the lights with the cable ties in three places. Store each strand in a recycled grocery bag.

Chip CansRemove the lid of a chip can, cut a hole in the top part of the can, and secure one end of the string. Put the lid back on, and start wrapping the lights on the tube. Work down and up, going to the bottom and back up until the end of the light string can clip into the lid. You can store each can upright in a container or box.If you want to add a layer of protection, use tissue paper as padding between the lights. This works for all storage methods and will protect lights from damage.Regardless of the packing method, there are multiple ways to store your Christmas lights and end the holidays on a good note. Treasure Island Storage offers storage rentals in NYC and New Jersey that can accommodate any storage size. We have climate-controlled units, provide pick-up and delivery services, and free truck rentals for up to 2 hours. If you require reliable storage, contact our facilities online or call 347-454-7455.