6 Tips for Throwing a Successful New York City Stoop Sale


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September 8th, 2021

Big cities like New York often mean having to live in small spaces. When there’s limited storage in our home, our living space can quickly become cluttered. A common and profitable way to declutter is to have a stoop sale. Hosting a stoop sale isn’t just about collecting random items in your home and then laying them out for people. Like most things in life, a stoop sale takes planning.

How to Throw an Awesome New York Stoop Sale

Here we have six tips to help you throw a successful New York stoop sale.

1. Sort Your Items

Before planning the stoop sale, it’s necessary to sort through the items you no longer want. For example, if you have a big-ticket item such as a computer, a stoop sale might not be the place for it. Most people are not willing or able to drop a couple of hundred dollars on the spot, especially if they happen to stumble onto your stoop sale. It would help if you considered selling more expensive items like computers or iPods on eBay or Craigslist.Go through the items and determine their value as well as their quality. Avoid selling “fixer-uppers” at your stoop sale because it undermines the quality of your other items. People don’t want to buy sweaters with old coffee stains on them. Only selling what is still in good condition can be priced under 75 dollars.

2. Keep in Mind New York’s Law

Most stoop sales aren’t subject to sales tax registration requirements, but it’s essential to know what to do to avoid having to register. Under Tax Law section 1115(a)(18), it states that a stoop sale can not be more than three days or it will be subject to sale tax regulation and registration. Another detail to keep in mind is that your sales can not exceed 600 dollars under the same tax law section. The limitation of $600 is also why it’s recommended not to sell expensive items such as computers in your stoop sale.

3. Pick a Good Day and Time

The most obvious days that come to mind are Saturday and Sunday. Most people are off weekends and wandering around to pass the time. Don’t limit yourself just to the weekends, though. Most people have weekends off, but most people are also done with work in the evenings during the week. Weekday evenings might draw more people than you think.

4. Make Your Prices Realistic

Pricing items can be challenging, especially because you’ll find yourself selling something for less than your purchase price. Putting yourself in the buyer’s shoes is helpful. What amount would you spend on an old toaster sitting on a table in front of someone’s home? Remember that most people aren’t going to be dropping hundreds on a stoop sale. Likewise, keep in mind that people will want to haggle and bargain and then price accordingly. It’ll be helpful to have two prices for every item. Each item should have the listed price (the price you want it to sell for) and the lowest amount you are willing to take for it.

5. Accept Cash and Card Payments

It’s estimated that only 24 percent of Americans carry cash. Limiting yourself to cash only is a sure way to drop your sales significantly. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to accept card payments these days. Apps like Cash App, Venmo, Paypal make it easier to accept card payments at your stoop sale.

6. Advertise Your Stoop Sale Before Hosting it

We’ve all seen the posters and flyers around our neighborhood with information about a yard sale going on. Traditional posters and flyers posted around your neighborhood are still a solid way to advertise, but social media does provide you with a broader audience. With the use of social media, the word will get out not just to those in your neighborhood but people in other areas as well.

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