TI Storage
November 3rd, 2017

Keeping various areas of our homes organized is always a concern. While a small closet or living room space has practical storage solutions, it can be challenging to find extra space in a small bathroom. Allow these seven tips for organizing your small bathroom to help make the most of your compact space.

Sink Counter

Various items and products commonly occupy the space on our sink counter – hand soap, combs, lotions, cleansers and more. As the limited space on the sink counter gets cramped, installing a few shelves above the sink can help. A basic yet sturdy shelf above the sink counter can give a crowded and overused space an organized feel while maximizing space. This will make it easier to grab everyday items with ease. Add a plant and a small clock for a touch of flair.

Toilet Area

Never underestimate the importance of storage in the toilet area. Not having access to toilet paper can get annoying. Place a storage tote next to the toilet to store extra rolls of toilet paper and a few magazines.

Drawer Space

The limited number of drawers can easily become stuffed with hair appliances, makeup, hair ties, and shaving products, making it difficult to find them when needed. Purchase a few drawer dividers, sort and place like items together. Dedicate each divider to one category of items such as hair products, shaving supplies, eye makeup, lipsticks and so on.

Bathroom Door

Don’t leave those damp towels on the floor! Attach a few towel racks to the inside of the door to hang wet and dry towels.


Hang hair straighteners and dryers on the inside of cabinet doors. You can purchase these at various department or hardware stores. Having such fixtures will not only save cabinet space but ensure that appliances stay in ideal condition and prevent wires from tangling.


If the shower area is limited with little to no room for shampoos, lotions, and soaps, hang a rust-resistant shower caddy to make storage and access easier. There are also poles you can install vertically, that reach from the floor to the ceiling with numerous storage baskets attached.


Purchase a few clear storage containers in various sizes and organize extra items such as towels, body care, oral care, and hair care supplies into these containers. Label the containers to make it easy to find items when needed.Even though a small bathroom may seem like a challenge, with these storage tips, a clean and organized bathroom is definitely possible. Your bathroom may not be the only space suffering from over congestion. Living, dining, and sleeping areas tend to attract the most clutter, oftentimes with items that we do not regularly lose.Maximize the space in your home when you acquire a self-storage unit from Treasure Island Storage. Our New York and New Jersey area storage facilities are all climate-controlled and monitored by a 24-hour security system. Find a location near you when you contact us today!