7 Ways to Maximize Space in Your Tiny NYC Apartment


TI Storage
February 25th, 2021

From navigating the subway system to getting stuck behind a group of tourists, there’s no shortage of challenges for New York City residents. One of the most significant concerns people have when moving to the city is how small apartments actually are in the Big Apple. With a little creativity, though, you can find ways to maximize space in your tiny NYC apartment.When you just have too much stuff and not enough space in your apartment, consider renting a storage unit from Treasure Island Storage. We have locations throughout New York City and New Jersey and offer various sizes to fit your storing needs!

Focus on Vertical Storage

When you can’t fit typical furniture like a dresser, store clothes and other items vertically. You can install floating shelves and hooks to keep limited floor space clear while making room for your books, DVDs, coats, hats, shopping bags, shoes, and other items. In the kitchen, you can use vertical space to keep tools and spices, leaving countertops open for food prep.

Invest in Multi-use Furniture

Murphy beds are ideal for small bedrooms because they allow you to store the mattress against the wall when you’re not using it. Sleeper sofas are also a good use of space and provide more seating options for guests. Drop leaf tables work well for people who enjoy entertaining but don’t have enough space for a full dining room table. Instead of a regular ottoman in your living area, buy one with storage space.

Use Large Pieces of Furniture

This might sound counterintuitive but buying small pieces of furniture for your apartment will only make the room feel cramped. Instead, try buying a few larger pieces. It will make your space feel more open and inviting. Larger furniture also tends to have more storage capacity.

Buy Wall Lights to Save Floor Space

Most people like to hang art or photo frames on walls, but when space is limited, invest in wall-mounted lights. On top of being a practical use of space, it also adds a cozy design feature to your living space. Plus, by attaching lights to the wall, you’ll be able to invest in a larger couch, bed, or kitchen table.

Donate or Trash the Items You Never Use

We all have that junk drawer. From receipts to bad gifts, you’ll likely never use anything in it, so throw it all away. You should also go through your entire apartment and donate any items you have duplicates of or don’t use anymore. Not only will it free up valuable space, but you’ll be giving to someone in need.

Maximize Every Inch of Space

Ultimately, you want to use every single inch of space you have. If you have wall space in your kitchen, buy a pegboard to hang up pots and utensils. Chances are you won’t have a full-sized closet, but you can find a rod at the dollar store to hang in between two walls, which can increase capacity to hang clothes.

Discover Storage Solutions at Treasure Island Storage

When you’ve used every space-saving hack in the book, affordable self-storage is another option for keeping seasonal items, such as décor and winter clothing. With a local storage unit, you can redecorate and reorganize your apartment as often as you wish.At Treasure Island Storage, we know that your situation can change instantly, so you might need more or less storage space down the line, which is why we offer flexible payment plans.Renting a storage unit is easy with our contactless rentals system. Simply find the unit you want on our website and reserve the space. All we need is your contact information and move-in date to get started. You may also complete our contact form or call (646) 603-1505 for more information.