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February 27th, 2020

Why is the concept of decluttering all the rage for so many these days? How did so many people across the globe suddenly, and in unison, commit themselves to a more minimalist lifestyle?Everybody comes to the idea of decluttering for different reasons, whether it’s reducing stress to making their house feel roomier and healthier to providing a refreshing look in your home. What connects them is a sense of excitement about this new project, and how they all want to be certain that clutter no longer wastes their time.They’re also quick to recognize that decluttering doesn’t automatically mean throwing out a huge amount of their belongings. Transitioning it all might be a better phrase, especially if they have easy access to a self-storage facility that becomes the new home for items they’re not ready to toss. That sentiment is understandable; not everything that you’ve accumulated in your life has an immediate purpose in your daily existence. But that doesn’t mean it has no value, either. So how do you go about decluttering? Here are some tips for those who have decided this is the way to go.

Why is Decluttering Your Home Important?

Why bother decluttering? Studies show that a cluttered home can raise your stress level and cause anxiety. It can make you feel like you’re coming home to an out of control mess, and it can seem exhausting. Everything from stacks of papers on your desk to a messy pantry can set you off and make it harder to focus.One reason so many are starting the decluttering process is they know it’s going to make them more efficient. That can include:
  • Knowing where to find everything you need
  • Attending to things more quickly
  • Having more time to enjoy your day
  • Reducing the risk of fire hazards
  • Gaining a sense of control and accomplishment
  • Getting rid of items that collect dust, dirt, and mildew
Still, decluttering can seem challenging to many. How do you sort the things you simply don’t need from the things you no longer want ? The stuff you don’t use on a daily basis may still hold cherished memories, or be something you may need down the road. If that’s the case, there are ways to declutter in a smart and efficient manner.

What are Some Smart Ways to Declutter Your Home?

Now that you’re ready to get rid of that “clutter problem,” don’t feel like you need an extraordinary energy zapper to make it happen. The essence of decluttering is making room in your home for what really matters to you. It’s about freeing up extra space in your house that wasn’t there before. Here are some tips to help you start the process.No ExcusesStop saying terms like “Too Busy.” Stop worrying about how you “might” need something in the future. These can be two of your biggest weak spots in the quest to declutter, and once you recognize and conquer both, the process becomes easier.

Start Small

Don’t attempt to declutter in a single afternoon. There’s nothing wrong with baby steps. It’s fine to start with just a few minutes per day, and even just to remove one item per day. Then when you’re ready, increase that to two items per day. And you can also consider creating a decluttering checklist that separates what you use and need, and what you don’t.

Create a Starting Zone

Select someplace in your home that can become your no-clutter zone. It can be as large as your kitchen, master bedroom or living room, or as small as a counter or lone shelf. Then remove anything that you no longer need or use. Truly make that a clutter-free zone, and stick with it. Then repeat the process in a new clutter-free zone of your choice.

Start Filling Boxes

Get several boxes, and then fill them up. One can be labeled for trash, another for items to donate or give away, and the final one items to keep but get placed in storage. Go from room to room until you’ve filled them all up. Then recognize the beauty of your home once those items are gone.Once you have items to place in storage, consider a quality storage facility like the ones run by Treasure Island Storage, which has units of different sizes. All of the units are climate controlled to protect your items, so you know they’re going to be safe and secure there.

 Discover TI Storage for Self-Storage Solutions in NYC

Whatever it is you want to put in storage, we know it’s important to you. If you’re in need of a storage unit and want to be absolutely certain that your belongings are safe, security is a top concern at TI Storage, which is why we offer video surveillance, gated security, and outdoor lighting.Located throughout New York and New Jersey, TI Storage is guaranteed to be the top choice for self-storage near you. Simply locate the Treasure Island Storage in your neighborhood and stop by. Our team of storage solution associates will show you around and help you reserve the unit you need. Contact us today!