As COVID-19 Impacts NYC, New Yorkers Learn to Make Major Lifestyle Adjustments


TI Storage
April 6th, 2020

It can seem strange to watch daily news coverage of New York City’s virtually deserted streets, of popular avenues that were teeming with activity and pedestrians just a few months ago. But there’s no question that New Yorkers are heeding the call by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to obey a Stay-At-Home order to help slow down the spread of the deadly coronavirus.New Yorkers have always been a strong and hearty bunch, and they’ve needed to be in the past weeks as New York City became the hardest-hit urban area in the nation. The state has reported more than 130,689 confirmed coronavirus cases, and there have been 4,758 deaths so far. That’s why this most bustling of American cities is now deserted, as stay-at-home keeps millions from being out in public where the virus could continue to spread. Signs indicate that New Yorkers are prepared for a tough fight.

How Are NYC Residents Coping With Stay At Home Orders?

According to a new poll released on Monday, April 6 by Siena College Research Institute, 95% of New York residents surveyed said they’re either quarantining themselves or maintaining social distancing practices. Only 4% say they’re going about life as they normally would.On the same day, there was another sign, one that even Gov. Cuomo called “hopeful,” when it was reported that the spread of coronavirus may be slowing and could even be hitting a plateau. New York health officials reported that the level of new deaths has remained relatively flat for two days in a row. This was the first time in weeks that the death toll’s rising trajectory had dipped, and it was also reported that the number of new hospitalizations and intubations had also decreased for two days in a row.Another poll by WIVB-TV/Emerson College showed that New Yorkers are rallying together to fight this health crisis, with 71% approving of the way Gov. Cuomo is tackling the state’s COVID-19 response, including his strict Stay At Home order.NYC residents will get through this because the crisis is uniting people — not physically, but in spirit, even if in the short run, it clearly means major lifestyle changes for millions.

TI Storage is Monitoring COVID-19

Treasure Island Storage has been monitoring the situation in NYC and our municipal and state leaders’ responses to COVID-19. We share the concern for maintaining strong social distancing policies that will make it harder for this virus to spread and to help protect all of us.At the same time, we are keeping our self storage locations open and operating. If you need something now stored in one of our units, you can still access it.The staff at TI Storage is aware of the safety and precautionary measures being recommended by the CDC, and will be doing our best to limit person-to-person contact as much as possible, while still being accessible and communicating with our customers over the phone and through email.These are challenging times. All New Yorkers have been forced to make significant adjustments in their daily lives. But we still have the ability to communicate with one another and stay informed. If you have questions or concerns, call 973-363-2078 or visit our website today. We know that, for many of our business clients, they depend on their storage units for maintaining continuity in the supply chain of their products. As NYC continues the battle against COVID-19, we’re fully committed to remaining available to you and at your service.

Self-Storage Solutions for Your Home and Business

Until NYC’s Stay-At-Home order is lifted, life won’t feel the same in the Big Apple. But one thing remains certain — anything you have stored at one of our storage units remains safe and accessible to you. If you need to add additional items to your personal or business storage unit or have questions for us, give us a call today at 973-363-2078 to learn more about how we can help you in these unprecedented times.