Bike Storage Tips for Bicycling Enthusiasts


TI Storage
June 30th, 2020

The summer season is the perfect time to be on your bike — the sun is out, the days long, and the exercise benefits are limitless. Cyclists all over the world look forward to being outside and exploring new ventures as they enjoy the summer heat. However, it is likely that cyclists have several different types of bikes that they use depending on the type of biking they’re doing, along with others who may own bikes in the household. For most cyclists in the city, finding enough space to store multiple bikes is a challenge.It’s important to store bicycles safely so that they can maintain peak performance. If you’re struggling to figure out how to store your bicycles, here are some tips you can implement to keep your equipment in pristine condition. 

How Do You Clean a Bike? 

Before you place your bike in storage, giving it a thorough cleaning will help make sure that it’s untarnished. Whether you’re storing your bike for the winter or just want some general maintenance instruction, some procedures you can take before you put your bike in storage include: 
  • Remove any attachments you have on your bicycles such as water bottles or electronic tracking devices 
  • Give your bike a wash with dish soap and water to remove any dirt, grim, dist, or mud that build upon the frame of your bike 
  • Give your bike a full tune-up including air in the tires and manufacture approved lubrication oil for chains and cables
Cleaning your bike before you store it can keep it ready to go for when you use it next and could potentially save you the money that it would cost to replace parts that were rusted or damaged. 

How Can You Keep Your Garage or Shed Organized? 

If you’re storing items in a garage or shed, chances are you have many other items in there such as cars, tools, or furniture. The combination of these items leaves your bike in a vulnerable state of getting dinged or banged when trying to maneuver in these tight spaces. If you have no other place to store your bicycles, think of a garage layout that will best fit all your stuff. If there’s just not enough space for your bikes, you can invest in bike hooks to hang them from the ceiling or on the walls. However, this can make your garage feel smaller, crowded, harder to move around in, and in the way of everyday items. 

Why Should You Secure and Protect Your Bicycle? 

Storing your bicycles in a covered space can help keep it secure from thieves, as well as protect them from certain weather conditions. Consistent exposure to weather patterns like rain, snow, and humidity, can wear down the quality of your bike’s features. Keeping your bikes outside, even if they are chained up, can increase the risk that they are stolen or taken apart. Bicycle theft has risen in the United States with about 2 million bikes stolen per year. The last thing you need is for your expensive and valuable bike to be taken from you because you have nowhere to reserve them. 

How Can Storage Units in New York and New Jersey Help?

Storage units can offer easy accessibility to your bikes. If you rent an apartment or have limited room to store your bikes, storage units provide customizable options to fit your storage needs. At Treasure Island Storage, we amenities to making storing your recreational equipment convenient including: 
  • Convenient locations in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and in Paterson & Woodbridge, NJ
  • Temperature controlled units 
  • Clean and organized facilities
  • Quality customer service
  • 24/7 security
  • Affordable pricing 
  • Easy loading docks
  • Elevators

Preserve Your Bicycle by Renting a Storage Unit in NY and NJ 

If bicycling is something you love to do, but you’re tired of your bike being unprotected, Treasure Island Storage can take care of you and your belongings. With more than 10 years of experience helping people free up space in their homes, our services will be as valuable to you as the items you’re storing. Contact Treasure Island Storage today to find the perfect storage unit for your bike. Reserve one of our units in a location nearest to you by giving us a call at 646-603-1505 or fill out our online contact form.