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December 12th, 2019

The trend toward setting up mini-gyms in your home is becoming more popular with some fitness fans. You know how it is: gyms get crowded, and maybe you’re a bit self-conscious about exercising in front of other people. Setting up a gym at your home lets you exercise any time of day and do it in the comfort and privacy of your own dwelling.On the other hand, homes can be shared with family, roommates, visiting guests and so on. That’s why those who enjoy exercising completely on their own are turning to a different location: storage units. Bringing exercise equipment to a rented storage unit and setting up a gym is occurring more frequently.Is it a good idea? And is a storage unit the appropriate place to be exercising? Here, we explore some of these trends and the challenge of using a storage unit for fitness.

Using Storage Unit as a Personal Gym

Why Are People Setting Up Gyms in Their Storage Units?

Why would someone want to exercise in a storage unit? Convenience, for one. Their new personal gym doesn’t come with membership fees, large crowds, and distracting noise and commotion.In the peace and quiet of a storage unit, some find they can get results. They’re working out on their own time, at their own pace, and without distractions. For some who are finding success in this way, the word can spread and encourage others to do the same. But is a storage unit the right place to burn off calories and manage your fitness goals? There are plenty of factors to suggest proceeding cautiously if you’re thinking about ending your gym membership.

What’s the Legality of Using a Storage Unit for a Gym?

One clear fact about storage units is you can’t live in or operate a business in one. Living in any space that isn’t up to city housing codes is illegal, as is living anywhere not approved for residential habitation. It’s a violation of health, safety and sanitation laws. Storage units get built to house inanimate objects, not living things, and they’re not designed as mini-apartments or offices. Likewise, setting up a gym in a storage unit could run afoul of federal and state laws, local zoning regulations, and the policies of the storage facility.Renting a storage unit is similar to renting an apartment or office space: there are rules to follow. If you’re thinking of using your storage unit for a gym, talk to the facility’s manager first. Don’t try to do it quietly and without being noticed. In many instances, storage facilities have on-site managers and other employees who enforce the rules that renters agreed to. Violating the facility’s regulations — which are created to ensure that people don’t accidentally hurt themselves on the premises — can be a good way to get kicked out.

What Are the Challenges of Exercising in a Storage Unit?

Setting up a gym in your storage unit is problematic in other ways. Since they’re designed to store property and not house people, these units can have lower ceilings that are not designed for tall exercise equipment like treadmills and elliptical machines. It’s also important to be certain that while working out, using weights or other heavy equipment, you don’t accidentally damage the storage unit in any way.Also, don’t go sneaking into your unit and then shutting the door while exercising. Storage unit doors are not designed to be opened from the inside. It’s possible if you’re in there and have left the roll-up storage unit door slightly ajar, the storage facility staff might notice your door is open or unlocked, assume you forgot to close it all the way and lock it themselves. After all, their job is to keep your property safe, which means keeping each door shut and locked at all times. The last thing you want is to be trapped in your own unit!

Can You Store Expensive Exercise Equipment in a Storage Unit?

While using a storage unit for a personal gym can be a no-no in many cities and states, storing your exercise equipment there is another story entirely. People who own expensive equipment sometimes need to store it someplace safe, for reasons that can include:
  • An extended vacation or business trip
  • A planned move or relocation
  • Taking a break from daily exercising for health reasons
  • Prolonged soreness or injury
  • Planning for an entirely new workout regimen
If you have expensive equipment, a storage unit is an ideal place for it. Storage facilities like the ones operated by Treasure Island Storage are very safe because they have front-gate security, digital monitoring, and on-site managers. Safety is a high priority there. You also get a choice of your unit’s size, depending on how much equipment you have, and climate-control.

TI Storage is Your Perfect Self-Storage Solution in NYC

Whether you’re looking to store small items like personal papers, your fancy wine collection, or heavy exercise equipment, TI Storage has a unit to meet your storage needs. Security is a top concern at TI Storage, which is why we offer video surveillance, gated security, climate-controlled units and insurance for your belongings.Located throughout New York and New Jersey, Treasure Island Storage is guaranteed to be the top choice for self-storage near you. Simply locate the Treasure Island Storage in your neighborhood and stop by. Our team of storage solution associates is happy to show you around and help you reserve the unit you need. Contact us today!