How Seniors and Retirees Can Benefit from Self Storage

Downsizing Storage Storage For Seniors

Reaching retirement age is an exciting time for many who look forward to enjoying their Golden Years. And for so many seniors, that also means downsizing. Having lived for decades in a large house where they raised their kids, the house now feels too big with the kids gone. It’s usually a good idea to move into a smaller home that doesn’t require as much maintenance. As they begin downsizing, many of these seniors recognize they’ve accumulated mounds of personal belongings, which they need to reduce as they transition into a smaller home. While there are plenty of ways to simplify life, newly-retired couples may not want to get rid of everything they own — and with it, a lifetime’s worth of heartfelt memories. That’s a key reason why self-storage is not just for young people finding their first apartment. Seniors also have good reasons to enjoy the benefits that a self-storage unit provides. Why Do Seniors and Retirees Benefit from Self-Storage? It’s estimated there are now 47 million seniors in the United States — more than the entire population of the state of California. While some seniors choose to remain in the home they’ve lived in for decades, others see more comfort in smaller homes. That often means parting with some of their possessions.It starts as a practical decision — they’re looking at empty bedrooms, expensive utility bills, and spacious lawns they no longer have the desire to be mowing regularly. They simply don’t need such a large home. At that point, the challenge facing these seniors may not be financial so much as emotional. It can be difficult to part with items it took a lifetime to collect. These memories can take on increased significance as they get older, and some possessions can feel a bit more treasured than others. But they also may not have the room for everything near and dear to them. Downsizing, though, doesn’t automatically mean getting rid of everything that won’t fit into their new home, especially if they ...

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February 13th, 2020