Why Security Measures at Your Self-Storage Facility Matter


At Treasure Island Storage, we know that the decision to use self-storage can come with some concerns. The security of your items is not only at the top of your list, but ours as well. This is why we provide 24/7 security measures to ensure you have peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe.Choosing to rent a self-storage unit means that the items you are packing away matter to you. If you were storing junk, you would likely throw it away or donate it. We know that the items you are storing have value to you, and that is why security measures are so important at a self-storage facility. Why Does Security Matter at Your Storage Facility? Renting out a storage facility means spending money each month to provide a safe space for your valuable items. Without proper security measures taken, your storage facility can be compromised. One of the most significant risks you face at a storage facility without proper security is thieves. With storage units being generally void of other people, especially at night, you can be vulnerable to being victims of a robbery if there is no surveillance, security, or other measures taken. What Security Measures to Look For in a Storage Facility When choosing a storage facility that can provide the security needed to keep your belongings safe, check for the following security amenities: The lighting: When choosing a facility, make sure that there is good lighting throughout the building, especially near your unit. This will reduce the chances of your unit being burglarized. Multi-level protection: You should always ask about the levels of protection provided for your unit. For example, some facilities offer a locked gate and 24/7 security. Strong locks: Some locks are easy for thieves to break, so investing in a strong lock puts you in a better position to protect your belongings. For some of the best locks available, click here. An inventory list: Keeping a written list of everything that should be in your storage unit is crucial ...

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August 9th, 2021