3 Types of Locks that Work Great for Self-Storage

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If you’ve decided to rent a storage unit for some of your belongings, safety should be your least concern. The best storage facilities have well-documented security measures, from front gate security to strong outdoor lighting and video monitoring. Self-storage facilities take very seriously the concern about keeping your property safe to keep you as a satisfied customer.Self-storage units are also a good investment for your belongings because you can add one final layer of security to your unit: a lock. Once you’ve placed it onto the outside of your unit, you’re the only one who can access it. Before moving your belongings into your storage unit, it’s important to purchase a lock that truly secures your unit. That might sound like a simple decision, but not all locks are the same. Some are small and not designed to be much more than cheap and disposable, while others are built for durability and to make it virtually certain that thieves look the other way when they see it. If you’ve just signed up to rent a storage unit, here are some tips for the best locks to protect your belongings. Why are Locks Important for Storage Units? While everyone understands why they need a lock for their storage unit, many don’t realize they have different locks to choose from, and not all of them are well-suited for a storage unit. In fact, once you’ve chosen a storage facility, you’re going to want to pay careful attention to the type of lock you buy. Typically, locks fall under two categories, a padlock or a combination lock. But there are other factors to consider as well, including: Stability Durability Practicality And cost Cheap locks don’t promise the best security for your valuables. They may be easy to break open, so don’t be swayed by their low price.It’s also important to factor in whether your self-storage unit is located inside an indoor facility, or outside. If your unit is outdoors, your lock will be exposed to the rain, sweltering summer heat and frigid ...

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February 21st, 2020