Cleaning/Organization Challenge to Keep Busy While at Home

Ti Storage

TI Storage
May 19th, 2020

Everybody naturally strives for a clean and well-organized home, but when you’ve got to balance your job, kids, school, or other activities, there’s only so much time in the day to give your home the attention it deserves. It’s always a challenge for busy people to keep things clean and organized. That is, until social distancing became a necessary way of life. With New York City still under a mandatory Stay At Home order to slow the spread of COVID-19, people are not leaving their home much, which gives them the opportunity to look at their home from a new perspective. And if you have kids in the home, keeping it clean and well organized likely seems more important today than it did when you were rushing out the door for the morning commute to work. Of course, living in a small home or apartment can make cleaning and organizing seem like more of a challenge. Once you start organizing, not having enough room to put things becomes an additional challenge. That’s why a growing number of New Yorkers are organizing by putting some of their belongings into a self-storage unit where those items are safe, secure and no longer taking up unnecessary space in your home.

How Can You Get Your Home Organized During COVID-19?

Spending most of your day at home gives you more time to clean and organize, but that doesn’t make the task any easier. To help you out, here are some fast cleaning tips to get every room in your home looking clean and organized without spending a lot of time on it. 

Start Your Spring Cleaning

While a lot of people traditionally start cleaning their home once the weather gets warmer, this age-old tradition is ideal during the Stay At Home period. Spring cleaning should be looked at as more than just tidying up the house. It means tackling those chores you wouldn’t normally do every day. So as part of a self-quarantine spring cleaning, think about:
  • Cleaning everything you put your hands on, like door handles or window sills
  • Using disinfectant to clean any electronic devices or remotes that your family members use
  • Dusting away, including under couches and chairs
  • Washing your shower curtain
  • Wiping and disinfecting your kids’ toys, ceiling fan blades, and the interior of your refrigerator

Start Organizing Your Home

You can also use this time to better organize your home, particularly if it’s small like so many in NYC. As you begin organizing, you may find that your home looks cluttered and messy, so decluttering is going to help. That can include: 
  • Cleaning out and organizing drawers in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom
  • Cleaning out closets, removing anything you don’t use very often
  • Reorganizing your bookshelves, removing books you’ve read and probably won’t read again
  • Inspecting your pantry for anything that looks outdated
  • Removing the toys your kids no longer use
  • Looking for “trouble spots,” or those areas that look particularly cluttered and could use a good clean out and reorganization
  • Cleaning out file cabinets of paperwork that’s being stored but isn’t needed
Once you’ve come up with a list of items you want but don’t expect to use much, a good place to store them is in the self-storage units at Treasure Island Storage, which has units of different sizes.Other amenities that Treasure Island Storage offers include:
  • 24/7 access
  • Climate control
  • Short and long-term contracts
  • Free wifi and internet access at their facilities
  • Advanced security like video surveillance
  • Free use of their moving truck
  • Helpful staff to find the best unit to meet your needs
Storage for Your Household Items Throughout NYCTreasure Island Storage can assist you during the COVID-19 shutdown period. With a variety of sizes and features in our many locations, we have storage units specifically made to all meet your storage needs.Treasure Island Storage has more than a decade of experience in the commercial storage business, so we know how to take proper care of anything that’s brought here. Give us a call today at 646-603-1505 to find out about all our units, services, and locations.