Considering Opening Your Own Etsy Shop? Make Self-Storage a Priority

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May 7th, 2021

Over the past five years, websites like Etsy have seen a sizable increase in popularity, perhaps because the ever-improving state of e-commerce and technology has led to a boom in online spending. These online storefronts are often run by the creators themselves, individuals who not only make their products but also independently package and ship them out to clients.If you are considering the prospect of opening up your own online business, you may be planning the details on how you will create and distribute your products. One of the best-kept secrets of Etsy shop owners is leveraging self-storage to make the process of running your own business that much easier.

Benefits of a Self-Storage Unit for Businesses on Etsy

Managing an online store is much more complicated than it seems, especially because most Etsy shops are run by one person. The responsibilities of maintaining a small business online are split between designing and creating products, obtaining materials, conducting business-related research, marketing items, packing orders, and ensuring that good customer service is provided to clients. It is a full-time position that requires time, energy, patience, and space to work.Early in the process of developing an Etsy store, many creators discover that they don’t have enough room in their homes to sustain their business for an extended period. This is why artists and business owners have turned to self-storage to continue running their online stores without taking up valuable space in their homes.


Few people take into account how much additional storage they will need to house and organize packaging materials and supplies. These items, although necessary for anyone hoping to run a successful online business, can include:
  • Professional-strength packing tape
  • Boxes of various sizes
  • Padded mailing envelopes
  • Loose-fill cushioning material such as packing peanuts
  • Bags to hold jewelry
  • Plastic wrap for beauty products
Moving these items into a self-storage unit allows creators to open up more space and properly organize their packing materials to ensure that each order receives the care and attention it deserves.

Marketing Goods

Another aspect of running a successful online store on platforms like Etsy is to have consistent and original packaging that professionally markets your products. Customers will appreciate the attention to detail that comes with branded packaging, such as:
  • Business cards to include with orders
  • Custom stickers to seal boxes or envelopes
  • Branded labels on beauty products or candles
  • Personalized tags on clothing
In the same way that packaging materials take up space, marketing material can create a great deal of clutter in a home office or living space. Placing them in a self-storage unit that can be easily accessed is one of the most efficient ways to collect your branded marketing goods.

Rent a Self-Storage Unit for Your Online Store or Etsy Shop

As your business grows over time, leveraging a self-storage unit can provide you with more opportunities to house and organize your products, store older items that are out of season, or even coordinate inventory for collections that you plan to launch in the future. The possibilities for using self-storage as part of your small business plan are endless.Treasure Island Storage is proud to provide best-in-class storage solutions for all varieties of online businesses. Our convenient parking and easily accessible units make storing important items simple and efficient, allowing you to focus on your business with added peace of mind.Your new storage unit is just a click away. Contact your nearest Treasure Island Storage location at 212-804-8972 or book your rental online today. Take a look at our current offers and see how much money you can save when renting a self-storage unit for your online business.