Considering the Environment When Packing and Storing


TI Storage
June 23rd, 2020

If you care about the environment, there are smart ways of going green when it comes to packing and storing any household items that you want to keep in storage for safekeeping. Anyone who goes green with their packing and storage can help our environment and our planet, and it sets a good example for generations to follow. In recent years, there’s been a growing interest in people trying to minimize the amount of waste they generate when storing their items, and there’s a growing trend of consumers interested in storage facilities that provide environmentally-friendly storage solutions.

Why Should We “Go Green” When it Comes to Self-Storage? 

Going green is all about adopting practices that are environmentally-friendly and that sustain our natural resources for current and future generations. Some of the advantages of “going green” include:
  • It helps to reduce global warming. The strain humans are putting on the planet every day simply isn’t sustainable. The effects of global warming have been well-documented and are caused by human activities. Without active participation from everyone, it’s more challenging to combat this trend. 
  • We throw away too much trash. Out of the millions of tons of garbage that Americans throw out each year, the majority of it ends up in landfills. These landfills further contribute to global warming because of the way the garbage is disposed of. It’s essential that we minimize waste by minimizing how much we throw out. Proper recycling techniques can help contribute to this, and so can the proper storage of your household items so they can last longer.
  • Our natural resources are limited. With 7.5 billion people across the planet and 328 million residing in the U.S., we’re stretching our planet thin of its resources. It’s paramount that we use our resources more wisely.

How to Find Environmentally-Friendly Packing Solutions

Use sturdy cardboard boxes rather than plastic containers. 

  • Find cardboard boxes that can last you for a long time. These biodegradable containers will ensure that your items remain safe while being eco-friendly. Save your plastic containers for the items that need it most, like fragile objects. 

Choose Climate-Controlled Storage 

  • When your belongings are stored in your garage or shed, they’re at risk of being damaged by rain, heat, humidity, dry cold, and more. When this happens, damaged items are thrown out and end up in landfills, perpetuating the problem. At Treasure Island Storage, we offer climate-controlled storage units to ensure your personal belongings will last and be protected from extreme changes in climate.

Choosing the Right Packing Materials and Recycling Everything You Can

  • Opt for buying recycled materials such as biodegradable packing peanuts over bubble wrap when storing fragile items. You can also use newspaper or paper towels for an extra cushion to protect your belongings. Any materials that you’re unpacking from storage should be saved for future use or properly recycled. It would also be useful to give unwanted packing materials to friends or family who are in the process of moving/storing items rather than throwing it out. 

How You Can Find “Green” Storage Options

The responsibility for being eco-friendly doesn’t lie solely with those looking to store their belongings. There are also storage facilities that are concerned about helping our environment. There are a variety of ways that storage facilities can help minimize the waste of materials and energy. 

Light – Energy Saving Tactics

Lighting at storage facilities is kept on at all hours of the day to ensure safety, although there are certain things that can be done to avoid wasting energy. Those include: 
  • Switching from incandescent light bulbs (CFL) to LED bulbs. Although LED bulbs cost more initially, they actually save money in the long run by lasting 3-25 times longer than CFL bulbs. They also use 25-80% less energy than incandescent bulbs. 
  • Using motion detectors and photocells to reduce the amount of energy used within a given day will help save energy in the long run. Motion detectors can help by switching on the lights only when needed instead of having them constantly running. Photocells are used to detect light in the surrounding area, thus allowing the lighting to only run when necessary. Both of these tricks together can help cut down on energy consumption and provide a more “green” storing facility.

Recycling and Septic Facilities

It’s important to check whether your storage facility offers recycling and garbage disposal. As time passes, you may want to recycle items that you no longer need. You should check if your storage facility offers services to properly dispose of unwanted items. If not, they may be able to tell you where the nearest facility is for recycling your items. 

Take Advantage of Our Storage Options Today!

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