Everything You Need to Know About Long-Term Storage

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March 8th, 2021

Whether you need a spot to store seasonal items like winter clothes and skis, you’re planning on living abroad, or you just want to keep your heirlooms somewhere safer than your New York City apartment, long-term storage is becoming more common. If you’re considering storing your things for the long haul, it’s important to note that different items may require different packing techniques when being stored for months or years at a time.We want your items to come out of your storage unit in the same condition you put them in, so we created this comprehensive guide for you to follow.

Tips for Storing Your Belongings Long Term

Perhaps the two biggest advantages of self-storage are saving money and peace of mind. By following our packing tips, you can rest assured that your belongings will remain safe and sound during their hibernation.

Avoid Plastic Bags

Plastic bags may be cheap and easy to come by, but they are not the best option for storing items for long periods of time. Plastic bags can rip easily or trap in moisture, potentially causing damage to your belongings.

Seal Boxes

When stuff sits around for a long time, dust tends to settle. If your boxes aren’t sealed well with a high-quality packing tape, you could be letting dust encroach on your stuff while you’re away. Ensure that all of your containers are completely sealed before jetting off.

Cover Furniture Items

Speaking of settling dust, if you leave any furniture items uncovered, you could come back to a nice layer of powder on your couch. No need to buy any fancy furniture covers — a generic bed sheet will do the job nicely.

Stack and Pack Boxes Neatly

Carelessly stacked or packed items can result in unnecessary damage and stress on your stuff. Pack boxes neatly and make sure breakables are safely secured in their containers to eliminate any risk of harm.

Make Sure Items are Dry

We have saved the most important tip for last. If any of your items are not given enough time to completely dry before packing them, you could be allowing mold and mildew to fester. Clean all of your belongings before storing them long-term and allow them to dry completely.

Looking for Long-Term Storage in the New York City Area?

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