Free up Office Space by Promoting a “Go Green” Workforce


TI Storage
September 22nd, 2021

Decluttering the office won’t just make the space cleaner, it will also increase productivity. A clean environment is a positive one that helps increase efficiency and output. Going green is a great way to start decluttering. By focusing on reducing waste, you will naturally reduce unnecessary items taking up space. Eco-friendly practices in the office will encourage employees to look at their space differently, ensuring they maintain a closer watch on the waste produced.

How to Create an Eco-Friendly Office

Here are some tips on incorporating eco-friendly practices into the office that will help free up space.

Have a Designated Recycling Station

Having a visible and accessible place for employees to recycle their trash correctly is a sure way to ensure the office is clean and helps the environment. Working in an office means having recyclable office supplies. Encourage employees to leave their reusable items in their designated place so that their co-workers can use them as well. This station can also function as a place for repurposed items. Instead of throwing away a big box, it can become a storage container in the office. Maintaining a designated area for recycling will ensure recyclable items are disposed of properly and keep the office clean.

Implement a Paper Conscious Policy

Most paperwork these days is handled digitally. The digital age is good for reducing paper waste. Your office can take advantage of technology to avoid using paper unless necessary. There is no longer a need to have piles of paper on desks or in storage rooms. Encourage your employees to keep their paperwork digital. Digital records will also help streamline any paper passing within the office.

Recycle Electronics

As a company, it’s essential to keep our electronics up to date for efficiency. Don’t just throw out your old electronics, instead recycle them. Local nonprofits and companies can help you recycle your electronics. Nonprofit organizations will also accept your old electronics as donations. Recycling or donating any old electronics in the office will free up space and give you more room to work.

Have an Office Recycling Team

People are more likely to do something if they have someone watching over them. Appointing a group of employees to watch over the recycling area will ensure it runs smoothly and produces effective results. The recycling team can encourage the green initiative by hosting challenges with rewards for being on top of their recycling. They can also check in on their co-workers on how to better improve the recycling station.

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