Garage Sale Items You Shouldn’t Sell but Store Instead


TI Storage
September 9th, 2020

If you often find yourself dusting off overcrowded shelves, sifting through cobwebbed attic spaces, or still trying to close that one craft drawer that just won’t shut, it may be time to declutter. A garage sale is a great place to start if you’re looking to downsize your home or tidy up your space. Not only does a garage sale allow you to give your unwanted items to someone who will value them more than you, but you’ll also earn a little extra money.Before you set up shop, it’s important to consider what you should and shouldn’t sell at your next garage sale. Contemplate the following do’s and don’ts. And while you’re at it, those items that don’t make the cut need a home too, and not your own again. Here are some guidelines.

What You Should NOT Sell at Your Garage Sale 

There are plenty of items that can, and should, be sold at a garage sale. However, it’s important to consider the short list of garage sale no-nos.
  • Garbage: While “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” is a good rule of thumb at a garage sale, don’t take the mantra too literally.  
  • Used toiletries, beauty products, or skincare: Anyone want an old tube of toothpaste that hasn’t seen the light of day since 2008? Unlikely. Though new products that are still in their seal are perfectly fine to sell, avoid unloading used makeup, skincare, or soap to sidestep the spread of bacteria.
  • Outdated Electronics: Consider the practicality of your item. Unless your old Nikon camera from 2003 is a vintage collectable, you may want to withhold it from the sale.
  • Sentimental Objects: If an item evokes a feeling of nostalgia or strong emotion, keep it! The buying price will never be good enough, and you may not feel right selling it to a complete stranger. Either give it to a loved one that will treasure it, or put it in storage.
  • Broken Appliances: Broken items are tough to sell, even for a dirt-cheap price. Either toss it, or keep it in storage and try to fix it at a later point.
Pulling up at a garage sale can be like going on an adventure. Part of the fun is not knowing what to expect. You can only hope to find a hidden gem as you poke through what the seller has to offer. Nevertheless, there are some castaway items that just shouldn’t be sold. If any of your items are unsafe, unsanitary, or generally useless, try to dispose of them some other way. 

What You SHOULD Sell at Your Garage Sale

As for anything else—sell, sell, sell! As long as the item is gently used, in workable condition, or vintage, it’s a good fit for a garage sale.
  • Furniture: Furniture is a garage sale’s best friend. As long as the item is clean and still functional, give it a go! Patrons far and wide will flock to your garage sale if you’re selling furniture—the bigger the better. But be ready to negotiate.
  • Toys: While mom and dad are inspecting the vintage record collection, the valuable glassware, and the used lawnmower, the kids are scoping out Moon Shoes, Monopoly, and the Rubik’s Cube.
  • Books: Having too many books can often conjure a sense of clutter in your home. They take up a lot of space, and you just don’t feel right throwing them away. The easy solution: sell them.
  • Electronics: As long as they’re in good shape and function safely, give them away! Old TV’s, tablets, and computers are in high demand, as are power tools and gardening gear.
  • Clothing: Keep the prices reasonable, and you’re golden. Thrift shopping is trendy, so capitalize!
A garage sale is a great way to get rid of the clutter in your home, make a little extra money, and finally get to know those neighbors you’ve been meaning to meet. As long as you think your items can be of use for someone else, have at it!

How to Store the Remaining Items

If you don’t manage to sell everything—or if your item lands on the garage sale no-no list—don’t despair! Just store your remaining items with a company like Treasure Island Storage.Whether you’re decluttering your home, redecorating, or just in need of more space, Treasure Island Storage is here for you. We have a variety of storage unit sizes available to safely preserve your items. With climate-controlled storage lockers and cleanly accommodations, we provide the soundest facilities to house your valuables, no matter the season. Moreover, we offer some of the safest storage lockers on the market—with video surveillance, front gate access, and indoor & outdoor lighting—to ensure that your storing experience is top-of-the-line and stress-free.Give your items a wipe down, pack them properly, and stack them based on breakability and usage. Once you’ve determined how much space your items require, utilize our easy-to-use guide to determine the right-sized storage locker for your needs. Whether you’re stowing your items for seasonal use or you’re in need of a longer-term home, consider us at Treasure Island Storage.

Store Your Belongings—From Clutter to Valuables—with Treasure Island Storage

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