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November 20th, 2019

Winter is a time when storage usually becomes inevitable. That’s because as the weather changes and the frigid temperatures, cold winds and snow come on, that makes it necessary to bring items indoors to protect them, to buy more seasonal clothing and to locate other items needed to help stay warm in the months ahead.Here are some tips on the best ways to prepare to make it through another winter, and for meeting your winter storage needs.

Deciding What Items to Store as Winter Arrives

As you prepare for winter storage, start thinking about what to do with things you won’t need during the colder months, like all your summer gear. These items end up taking up much-needed space indoors that’s going to be needed for more important items that have to be brought in for the colder season. Your collection of summer outfits and beach accessories from the warmer months can be put into storage until after the winter months are over.

How to Store Things Properly Once Winter Arrives

You have to be certain to store items properly during the winter so the elements don’t destroy them. For example, make sure that items are properly covered and insulated so that cold temperatures and heavy winds don’t cause any damage. Even if you store items indoors or in warmer areas, there are still elements that can potentially harm them. For example, if you store items in a leaky basement those items could get damaged from water and mold.

Why Cleaning Your Belongings is Important Once Winter Arrives

Before you store things for the winter, make sure you properly clean them. If items get stored with dirt, grime, dust, spills, and stains, they may be more likely to degrade in quality.

Finding the Right Storage Space for Your Belongings

An important aspect of storing items that you won’t be using during the winter is finding a place where they’re going to be safe and secure. If you live in a small apartment in New York City, you know it won’t be easy to store them in your home. That’s why you should seek out the service of a well-respected business that provides storage spaces for rent.A lot of New York City residents come to a point in winter where they have no more room to reasonably store items, and they need to rent out storage spaces to fit in the items they’re going to need to make it through a cold winter.

How to Store Your Belongings in a Timely Manner

Make sure to store your summer items in a timely manner. Don’t wait until the first day that temperatures drop below freezing, or the first blizzard, to start storing them. You just might find that you don’t have enough space for everything.One of the best things to do with your summer and fall gear is to store them in advance and to have a reasonable schedule as the cold winter months approach.Find the Finest Storage Space in NYCFinding storage space for bulky, seasonal items can be a challenge for any household, especially if you live in an apartment in New York or New Jersey. If you have limited space, bringing in your winter gear may mean you need to find room for your summer and fall items. If that’s the case, Treasure Island Storage can satisfy all your storage needs.If you’re looking to free up space in your home, the self-storage masters at Treasure Island Storage are here to help! Our family-owned business is one of the fastest-growing self-storage providers in the New York and metro-New Jersey communities. For more than 15 years, we’ve helped our customers store their off-season items and equipment, and we can do the same for you! Give us a call at 347-454-7455 or make an appointment online to find out more today!