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February 12th, 2019

Moving in with your special someone is an exciting journey in life. It usually signals the beginning of a new chapter; however, you also realize that between the two of you, there’s a lot of stuff. Whether you both are moving into a new place, or one of you is moving in with the other, you will find that the move is a challenge. Despite how much you love each other, your transition from living alone to living together will test your patience and love, but luckily you aren’t alone. You have each other, and hopefully, an experienced moving team.If you are planning to combine households with the one you love, here are practical tips to consider to make the process and smooth as possible.

Before Moving in Together

It’s important to figure out the basics of your move once you have both decided on a location for your home. At first, you might think details like cost, how much stuff you have to move, or when you want to start packing up your things might seem trivial. The reality of how much of your belongings will fit together under one roof might make you realize you don’t have enough space for it all. Accepting that you will have to give up some of your favorite possessions is difficult, and your partner will likely face the same dilemma. Living together requires sacrifices and letting go of personal belongings to save space is just the beginning.This process of purging makes your move easier, your household more organized, and creates a more efficient use of your new home’s available living space. Using a checklist for you both to work off of together will help immensely when deciding what should go with you and makes the purging process less dramatic. It also saves money because the more you keep, the more it costs to transport it.Moving in together as a couple is the start of an exciting new chapter in your life. When you group all your items, you may not realize just how much stuff you’ve both accumulated! Follow these tips for an easy purge process to get your belongings under control. A few beneficial tasks to include in your purge process:Make an inventory of your items. Going through belongings and creating an inventory of what is there can prevent a lot of extra unwanted items from ever making it to the new place. It’s also important to make a note if any of these things are outdated, damaged, or just worn out. If something is especially valuable or sentimental, be sure to clearly mark this down too.Compare lists. A great way to save on space in your new home is to make sure you both don’t bring duplicates of goods you both own. Why do you need two large roasting crock pots? That’s a lot of cabinet space used if you keep them both. Make a note of the repetitive items and decide which one to keep.Determine what you need from both of your inventory lists. Review these together and be honest when deciding if something is essential or not. It’s okay to keep some non-essentials, but inventory lists help prevent you from going overboard. Also, make sure you dispose of unwanted items together, so there aren’t any surprises or disappointments.Figure out the floor plan of your new home. Take the time to measure the livable space at the new place. Determine if there will be an issue with some of your larger household items and make a note if it’s worth the sacrifice in space to keep them.Make a donation trip. Once you have determined what you are keeping, dispose of anything marked as outdated, damaged, or unwanted on your list. If you hate to see things go to the trash, consider making a trip to your favorite charity or thrift shop to donate anything that is still usable.Have a small sale. Items that you feel are too nice to give away you could post for sale online through various resell sites like Craigslist or Ebay. If you don’t want the hassle of shipping, then consider holding a small moving sale at your old residence.Go shopping together. If you realize that each of you has worn out couches or appliances that can’t be used anymore, go shopping for these items together. This helps to blend your different tastes in style.Pack with care. Once you have completely sorted through the belongings you both have and now know what will come to your new residence, begin packing your possessions carefully. You could also hire movers who offer packing services to do this if you feel you won’t be able to protect your goods adequately.Rent a storage unit. If you are in a situation where you have items that either won’t fit in the new place or you can’t part with, a storage rental might be a perfect solution. It allows you to save valuable space for other uses and is relatively safe and affordable for storing your important items.

Hire Movers vs. a Self-Move

After completing the process of inventorying and purging your household items, you both should be ready to move to the next phase of relocating. It’s time to decide if you are hiring a reputable moving company or attempting a self-move. While your specific situation plays a significant role in this decision, hiring professional movers is generally easier and less stressful.Even when only one person is moving into the home of the other who lives just a few blocks away, the process can be frustrating. While packing your possessions and renting or borrowing a truck might seem minor, the move itself requires trained manpower for moving heavy furniture. You might have friends to come over and help on moving day, but what if someone gets injured picking up a box wrong? The benefits of hiring professional movers justify the cost. Professional moving companies are usually licensed and insured, so you don’t have to worry about your items being damaged or a friend getting hurt.

Rent a Storage Unit to Save Space

Many couples opt to rent a storage space to save usable space at their home. Whether you have seasonal patio furniture cluttering your new back deck, lots of Christmas décor, or a massive comic book collection eating up closet space, a storage unit is a great solution. With the freed up space created by storing your cherished items, you can create a living area you both can enjoy and decorate.Prevent the clutter from beginning the moment you and your partner move in together by getting a storage unit. Contact Treasure Island Storage at (347) 454-7455 and find out what storage options we have available for your situation. For over 15 years, we have proudly served the communities in BrooklynQueens, the Bronx, and New Jersey and can help you find the best storage solution for your possessions.