TI Storage
March 2nd, 2017

When it comes to storage, there are many different options including home storage, portable storage, and unit storage. Home storage is usually the easiest decision since there are many locations for self-storage, but is it the most efficient method? Storage closets around the city are being filled to the brim with winter coats and outdated childhood toys, while many are choosing to rent storage units to tackle the same problem. Below we present the pros and cons of renting a storage unit versus keeping your belongings at home.

Home Storage Pros and Cons

Storing in your home easily has the advantage over unit storage when it comes to convenience because they are stored nearby. This allows the items that you may not need at the moment to be out of the way but still accessible.This is as much of a benefit as it can be a drawback. With everything still being on-site, you haven’t really solved the problem, you’ve just relocated it. You’ll be able to temporarily store some things in the storage closet, but after that fills you’ll be forced to store items in various rooms in your apartment or simply discard them.

Storage Unit Storage Pros and Cons

By acquiring a storage unit, you free your apartment of items that you do not need to be readily available. There’s also easy access to these items whenever you need them. Some storage facilities also provide temperature controlled rooms of various sizes that can accommodate anything from an old car to old toys. This allows you to enjoy the space of your home while knowing that your items are safely stored elsewhere.On the down side, some people tend to forget about items they place in storage and keep them longer than intended. While storage units provide many accommodations, home storage is free. You can keep all of your items in a close vicinity while saving your money to spend on acquiring more items.No matter which method you prefer, Treasure Island Storage has been providing quality storage options for New Jersey and New York area residents for over ten years! When you decide to enjoy the space in your home and store all of your unneeded items, contact us to find storage options near you.