How Do I Prepare My Storage Unit for a Hurricane?


TI Storage
October 28th, 2020

Hurricane season began in June of this year and lasts until November 30, 2020. If you reside in a region that is prone to hurricanes pounding on your shores or funneling through your area once onshore, you may be wondering if renting a storage unit during this tumultuous time of year is a good option for protecting your belongings.For those who have already rented a storage space, the uncertainty of what to expect during what is an already record-setting hurricane season may be stressful. At Treasure Island Storage, we can appreciate this anxiety and have some insights into what you can do to protect your household and personal items if a hurricane should strike.

It’s Never Too Late to Rent a Storage Unit

Many families try to wait until the last possible moment to finalize their hurricane plans since these natural phenomena can change course in a matter of hours. Fortunately, with today’s advanced weather warning technology, this means you will have plenty of time to go rent a storage unit if your area is within the path of a storm. Local storage facilities frequently have open units available and have a streamlined application process that can have you unloading your stuff in a matter of minutes.Worried about price gouging? Local laws usually have regulations in place that make such pricing practices illegal.

Does the Storage Company Have a Hurricane Plan?

Hurricanes can cause catastrophic damage to buildings, so make sure to ask upfront what plan your storage provider has in place to protect against storm damage. Preparatory measures against these extreme natural forces should be a high priority factor when choosing a storage facility to protect your belongings.With that said, once a hurricane has passed through your area, be patient. The storage company may not be able to immediately answer or return calls while it assesses any potential damage to their buildings. Just like you, they must ensure the area is safe before they can allow customers back on the property.

Use Your Storage Space Wisely

Whether you rented a larger storage unit or took the last available, which was smaller than you planned, it’s critical to use this space wisely. If your home is in an area that is prone to flooding during a hurricane, carefully assess what items you absolutely cannot afford to replace. These items should be of high priority, and you can continue down a list of most to least important as you make your way through your items. You may even want to put your car in storage so that you do not find yourself without a vehicle if you need to shelter away from your home. Many storage unit companies offer a protected lot for cars, boats, and campers on their property.

You Still Need to Properly Pack and Wrap Your Belongings

Despite your storage facility’s climate control or watertight doors, you should still protect your items against damage from the elements. Strong hurricane-force winds can rip the roof off the most sturdily built homes and offices. Make sure any items that would be sensitive to exposure to the elements are properly packed in waterproof storage containers or wrapped with plastic. You can use a cheap wire rack to help keep some of these items off of the floor of your unit in case flooding seeps in through the entryway.

Focus on Keeping Yourself Safe

Preemptively renting a storage unit to hold your valuables or preparing an already rented space ahead of a hurricane landfall is essential. Make sure that this effort doesn’t distract you from an even more important step in preparing for a hurricane: you and your family’s safety.Storage facilities will do their part in helping to keep your items safe from storm damage as much as nature allows. You must do the same for your own loved ones by creating an action plan for shelter, possibly surviving without electric or clean water for a few days, and potentially having to conduct major clean up of your property in the aftermath.

Secure Your Belongings in a Treasure Island Storage Unit

No matter how much you prepare your belongings, hurricane damage to your storage unit could happen. But many customers realize there’s a better chance this won’t happen compared to leaving their belongings at home. By working with Treasure Island Storage, you can quickly rent a storage space that provides added security and protection for your valuables.Our company is ready to help assist you in fulfilling your hurricane-related storage needs. We keep our units well-maintained and up-to-date with state-of-the-art facilities. Treasure Island Storage offers our customers an exceptional customer service experience. Give us a call at (646) 603-1505 or complete a contact form today to get one step closer to achieving your minimalistic dreams.