How Etsy Shops Can Benefit from Storage Units

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December 3rd, 2020

Over the past few years, Etsy has taken off as more and more consumers look to buy unique, personalized items and support small businesses. Stores range in specialties from knitted hats and blankets, candles, home decor, natural body products, and more. It’s one of the best places to get creative while shopping online.As demand and inventory increase, many shop owners have turned to self-storage to manage their shop’s growth. Here are just a few reasons why you may want to consider renting a storage unit for your Etsy shop.

How Can I Organize My Etsy Shop in a Storage Unit?

No matter where you run your shop, organization is key to being successful and will benefit your business over time. When your space is organized, you are quickly able to see what materials you have and when you need to order more. A neat, sorted inventory will also allow you to better visualize what orders still need to be filled and which ones are ready to ship. Having a dedicated, organized space also gives you more room as your shop begins to grow.

Storage Units Offer More Growth Options

More growth likely means you need more space, and a storage unit is a perfect solution. As your Etsy shop expands, it’s inevitable that you’ll need more space to keep up on all of the orders coming in. More workspace also means more room to create new items for your customers to buy, in return growing your business even further.

Buying in Bulk Is Easier With a Storage Unit

More orders will mean you need more supplies. Renting a storage unit will finally allow you to purchase more supplies in bulk, without cluttering your house. Bulk buying is often cheaper, plus it means less trips to the store. Even if a storage unit is strictly for storage, it offers the space you need to move items back and forth.

Storage Units Allow You a Place to Meet Customers

If order pick-up is an option for customers, a storage unit can serve as a meeting location. By having customers meet you at the storage center, your privacy is more protected. Customers won’t know your home address, so they can’t show up at odd times with complaints or requested repairs. Not to mention, having a dedicated location that’s not your home makes your business seem more professional.

Better Product Photos

When shopping online, a consumer only has the photos provided to decide if they want to make a purchase. High-quality photos will only increase your sales, growing your shop. With the additional space you receive from a storage unit, consider setting up a mini studio. By hanging up a backdrop and using professional lighting, your products will look straight out of a catalog.

Reclaim Your Living Space

A storage unit provides a simplified location for all of your small business needs. You’re able to easily store, create, and package your Etsy items all from one spot. Gone are the days of your living room being command central. Whoever you live with is sure to thank you for solving the clutter!

Grow Your Etsy Shop at Treasure Island Storage

If you run an Etsy shop and are looking for ways to grow your business, consider renting a storage unit from Treasure Island Storage. We offer the space you need at an affordable price. Keep in mind that security is always top of mind here at Treasure Island Storage, which is why we have 24/7 video surveillance, gated security, and insurance options for your belongings.Located throughout New York City and New Jersey, Treasure Island Storage is sure to be your number one choice for all your self-storage needs. Find a storage center close to you and stop by. Our expert team will show you around and help reserve the unit you need. Contact us online or call us at 212-804-8972 today!