How Modern Self Storage Units Have Changed their Look and Amenities


TI Storage
January 30th, 2020

If you’ve never used a storage unit before, you might not realize how much the industry has changed  — but it has. The modern storage facility probably doesn’t look anything like your concept of a storage facility.You might imagine the average storage place being a small building with tiny units, decent enough for your book collection or boxes of papers but not much else, located in an industrial area that’s a long drive from home. That may have been the case years ago, but today, storage facilities are different in every conceivable way: location, design, selection of units, and even high-tech amenities.

What Are Next-Gen Self-Storage Facilities About?

One thing that’s become true about self-storage facilities is that, unlike your local fast food franchise, no two storage facilities look exactly alike. As land to build on becomes harder to find, the sprawling self-storage facility has given way in many places to several-story buildings. But even as storage facilities increasingly become multi-story, developers are bringing contemporary designs and energy-efficiency to them. One reason communities are getting so many new storage facilities is simple: public demand. As more people crowd into densely populated urban areas, they’re living in apartments where they just can’t find the room for everything they own. The same is true for businesses that experience growth but can’t afford to buy a larger building. Self-storage becomes the way to hold on to everything dear to us, without crowding our homes or offices.As demand grows, storage facilities are looking for ways to provide the best service possible.  Today, they’re finding innovative ways to bring in new clients, which means they’re investing in services like:
  • Websites with online payment options
  • Front gate security and video surveillance
  • Climate-control for all units
  • And advanced technology that allows for 24-hour access.

What Are Some Trends in Self-Storage?

Wherever there’s a demand for storage, self-storage buildings are quickly multiplying. One trend in major cities has been converting aging malls and department stores into modern storage spaces. In some cities, self-storage developers are quickly replacing brick-and-mortar retail chain stores that have gone out of business with storage space.This has also allowed storage facilities to create a better mix of unit sizes to accommodate as many customers as possible. The trend of repurposing empty retail spaces is also about offering better locations. Shopping malls tend to be in urban centers that shoppers can easily access, which is why their location is ideal for a storage facility. For some urban storage companies, like Treasure Island Storage in New York City, their buildings are in populated neighborhoods. Those tenants who want easy access to what they’re storing no longer have to drive outside the city to an industrial complex to get what they need out of storage.In addition to design and location, today’s self-storage facilities also provide amenities that include enhanced security at the front gate, video monitoring, and proper lighting to ensure thieves are going to look elsewhere. Other amenities include:
  • Online rental tools
  • In-office package deliveries
  • Elevators
  • and mobile-optimized websites.
The best storage facilities offer climate-controlled units that protect whatever is stored there from excessive heat, humidity, and moisture. The developers of storage facilities have truly seen the future, and they’re now riding a wave of innovation to deliver the kind of customer service that their tenants have come to expect.

Discover TI Storage for Self-Storage Solutions in NYC

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