How Professional and Regular Gardeners Can Benefit From Self-Storage


TI Storage
August 5th, 2020

Plant enthusiasts and professional gardeners rely on gardening tools for maintenance, care, and design. Most gardeners store their tools in a garage, while those without a garage often resort to a stacked pile on the ground. Both options fail to provide sufficient protection from the elements and give tools a short shelf life. If you’re tired of tools cluttering your garage or rusting after one season, perhaps it’s time to invest in a customized storage unit. Here are some benefits of investing in a space for your garden equipment and strategies for best storage.   

How Gardeners Can Benefit From Self-Storage

For seasoned gardeners, getting clanked on the head after stepping on the business end of a rake is a regular occurrence. If you’re a gardener, you know the struggle of storing tools in the garage, or worse, on the ground—they fall, are hard to find, and don’t hold up against winter weather. Without a designated storage space for your tools, the gardening season begins with a time-consuming search for your equipment. With a storage unit, starting the season is as easy as opening the door and grabbing your shovel. Some key benefits of using self-storage for your gardening tools include: 
  • Easy access and efficient organization
  • Better protection from cold temperatures and winter weather
  • Reduced yard and garage clutter 
  • Longer shelf life for your tools

How To Customize Your Storage Unit With Gardening Features 

A customized garden storage unit contains racks and shelves that are specifically designed for optimal organization and accessibility. With garden racks, heavy-duty hooks, and Slatwall panels, you can customize a storage unit to meet your needs. Slatwall panels specifically are a great feature to install since they can support tools up to 70 pounds. 

Helpful Strategies for Storing Your Garden Tools

There is a right and wrong way to store your tools for the winter. Putting your tools away damp or not checking for leaks and damages will make for an unpleasant start to your next gardening season. If not stored properly, your tools can be destroyed by rust, water, and cold weather. Here are some helpful tips for storing your tools:
  • Add a fuel stabilizer to your lawnmower to prevent rust and water damage. After adding a stabilizer, run your lawnmower for a couple minutes to let the mixture circulate. 
  • Drain your hose thoroughly before storing it. Fix any damages or leaks with electrical tape and coil it to prevent kinking. Store it above the ground on hooks or brackets. 
  • Protect your hand tools by coating metal with a lubricant like WD-40. To protect wooden handles, apply linseed oil. Ensure the tools are dry before hanging them up for the season. 
  • Using a scrub brush, wash your garden sprayers with a soapy mixture. Rinse and allow them to thoroughly dry before storing them. Store any chemicals you use in the sprayers out of cold temperatures.  

Store Your Garden Tools at Treasure Island Storage

If you’re tired of garden tools cluttering your garage, let Treasure Island Storage be your solution. With a variety of sizes and features available, our storage units are designed to meet all your storage needs. Additionally, we offer temperature-controlled units for maximum protection. With over 10 years of experience in the storage industry, we have a wide range of experience designing custom storage units. Call (212) 804-8972 or complete our online contact form to inquire about our available units today.