How Self-Storage Can Be Used for Emergency Management Preparations


TI Storage
July 13th, 2020

In 2018, natural disasters accounted for over 160 billion dollars in economic damage worldwide. Natural disasters disturb thousands of lives each year, but for those who take the necessary steps to prepare, the impact of disasters can be greatly reduced. Whether you have a warning to evacuate or not, having a plan in place can preserve your properties and keep you and your family safe. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) having a two-week supply of essential household items, food, and water would be the first step in making sure you’re prepared for an emergency. Many people are utilizing self-storage units to keep their belongings and supplies kept away in case of a crisis. The following information will discuss some ways small businesses can use self-storage for emergency management preparedness. 

Types of Disasters That Affect New York and New Jersey 

For the most part, the type of disaster that occurs largely depends on your location. For example, those who reside in more coastal areas are at risk of hurricanes and severe flooding, whereas those who live in forested areas are more likely to experience wildfires. This does not mean that these types of disasters will never occur in other areas, but it is more common for certain locations to encounter specific disasters. States like New York and New Jersey have undergone serious natural disasters, including: 
  • Blizzards
  • Fires
  • Hurricanes and tropical storms
  • Extreme heat or drought 
All these disasters can have enduring effects on infrastructure, the economy, and security, which all play a role in your life. Therefore, you need to have a plan in place if a disaster were to strike where your business is located. Investing in a storage unit and utilizing effective packing techniques can be a successful way to resist the impacts of a potential catastrophe.  

What Self-Storage Features Can Protect Your Belongings During a Disaster? 

The self-storage industry has revolutionized their facilities to incorporate high quality amenities to protect your belongings. When choosing a self-storage facility that’s near you, make sure that you find places with features that are relevant to your needs. If you’re in an area that gets heavy snowstorms, make sure that your unit can withstand this type of condition. Some general features that you should consider before selecting a facility include: 
  • Climate control 
  • Variety of unit selections 
  • Elevated units 
  • Security 
  • 24/7 access 
  • Lighting and locks 
You’ll want to keep in mind that, in a disaster, these facilities can also withstand effects from loss of electricity or flooding. When shopping for a self-storage unit, you should ask about the facility’s insurance policies, customer service hours, backup power sources, and anything else you’ll need to keep your items secure when disaster strikes. 

How to Store Items to Prevent Damage? 

Once you find the best storage facility with the perfect unit for your belongings, you should make sure that you’re properly storing and packing your items to prevent damage. Some tips to help you prepare to store your inventory include:
  • Purchase heavy duty packing supplies such as newspaper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, butcher paper, and bins or boxes 
  • Pack items you’ll need access to frequently at the top of bins and put heavier and less needed items at the bottom 
  • Label everything so you don’t have to spend hours rummaging through your boxes
  • Protect expensive jewelry or electronics by using secure storage containers to prevent moisture from seeping in 
  • Store important documents in sealed bags 
  • Protect furniture and other household items by sealing them with in protective wraps 
  • Keep clothes, shoes, and bags in sealed containers 
  • Store non-perishable food and water in easy to access containers 

Let Treasure Island Storage Help You Prepare 

At Treasure Island Storage, we understand the uncertainty surrounding disasters, which is why we equip our facilities with top-notch amenities to make your life easier. If you’re worried about a natural disaster occurring, speak to one of our storage experts to help you get started on preparing a unit with everything you’ll need to keep your vital business items safe. Treasure Island Storage has more than a decade of experience in the commercial storage business, so we know how to take proper care of you and your belongings. Give us a call today at 212-804-8972 or contact us to learn how we can help.