How Self-Storage Can Help While Working Remotely During COVID-19


TI Storage
November 17th, 2020

Working from home is a dream for many, and by now you’ve probably been working from home for a few months. While you may have adjusted to this new way of remote work, there are still ways you can be more productive without even knowing it. If you live by yourself or with others who are working from home, you may have already worked out a system. However, if you have people living with you, renting a storage unit may be the best way to go while working from home.There are many reasons to move your home office into a storage unit. Here are a few things to consider when making the decision.

How to Use a Self Storage Unit as an Office

Working from home is great. Except when your corner makeshift office slowly spreads to the entire house, much to the dismay of your roommates or family members. This is where storage units come in. Renting a unit easily allows you to once again separate your work and home and lives by having a quiet, dedicated workspace.Before you rent a unit, it might be wise to plan out your space. What will you need in the office to be successful? Maybe a desk, chair, and bookshelf will do. But, you may want to consider getting a unit that is slightly larger than you think you’ll need. With the added space you’ll have the freedom to add a larger desk, more filing cabinets, maybe some plants to brighten up the place, or whatever else you may need to be efficient.

Benefits to Using Self-Storage While Working From Home

The reality is that if you’re working from home you need a dedicated, quiet workspace to be productive, and there’s a wide range of benefits from working “at home” in a storage unit. Here are just a few ways you can benefit from it.

Flexible Monthly Payments

Most storage units are rented monthly, which is perfect for those working remotely only temporarily. Once the pandemic’s threat fades away and it’s safe to work in an office setting again, you can easily move out of the unit when the month ends.


As much as we try to stay organized when working from home, stuff ends up everywhere and gets mixed in with your personal belongings. A storage unit can hold all of your professional items like papers, files, and other work materials and offers the space you need to separate work.

Fewer Distractions

Working from home is great, until you factor in roommates, family members, or pets constantly distracting you from work. Roommates being loud, family members not realizing you’re in a meeting, or dogs barking can all take you out of your workflow. Once that happens, it’ll take you longer to get back into it, wasting time throughout the day. Being in a secluded unit allows you to focus on your work with little distractions.

Rent A Storage Unit Today

Bringing your entire office to the house can easily upend your living situation, and more importantly, disrupt your work-life balance. By renting a monthly storage unit, you can easily move a desk, chair, and all of your office needs into the unit. Our Treasure Island Storage facilities remain open during these uncertain times with several precautionary measures in place to keep you and our employees safe.A Treasure Island Storage unit can help you regain your living space while working from home. Call us at 646-603-1505 or contact us online to rent yours today!