How Self Storage Can Help You Plan the Perfect Holiday Gathering


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November 26th, 2020

For many, the holiday season presents the perfect excuse to host and entertain family and friends. After all, accommodating a holiday gathering can be a wonderful way to celebrate the season and spend time with the people you love. But it can also be stressful to organize your home for guests, especially if you live in a small apartment. If you do decide to open your doors this season, chances are you may need some extra space. That’s where we come in.Utilizing a self-storage facility like Treasure Island Storage can come in handy this holiday season by providing you with a safe space to stockpile your belongings so you can make room for family and friends. Here’s what you need to know about making that a reality.

Why Might I Need a Self-Storage Facility This Holiday Season?

The holidays are for rest and relaxation—but of course, they’re not without their stresses. As a host, it’s your job to make your guests comfortable, but finding sufficient space can be a challenge. If you’ve decided to stay home and surround yourself with friends and family this holiday season, self-storage may help ease some of that tension.

Less Clutter, More Family

You can put all of your non-seasonal decorative items in your storage unit so that you’ll have plenty of room for putting up your Christmas tree and other favorite holiday decorations. Likewise, you’ll want to create plenty of space for guests to sit, stand, and mingle. From home gym equipment and ski gear to old documents and power tools, self-storage can provide you with an ideal option for stowing excess furniture and personal items that add clutter and take up space at home.

Protect Breakables in Tight Quarters

It’s important to consider, as well, stowing away the breakable or valuable items that may get damaged while the gathering is taking place. Even if these particularly fragile items don’t take up too much space or are already tucked away in a cabinet, you can never be too safe. One spilled drink can ruin your entire night and leave you and your guests in an awkward position.

Prepare for Guests

Finally, you may need some extra space to accommodate overnight guests. You can easily convert an office into a temporary bedroom by stashing your filing cabinets, desks, and other office furniture away from home. All it takes at this point is an air mattress or a cot and you’re golden.

Inventive Uses of Self-Storage over the Holidays

Hosting the perfect holiday gathering isn’t the only benefit of using a self-storage unit this time of year. We’ve broken down a few other reasons you should consider using a storage facility during the yuletide season.

Hiding Presents from Your Children

Another great benefit of renting a self-storage unit around this time is acquiring a place to hide your kid’s presents. You may think you have great gift hiding skills, but they’re no match to the prying eyes of a child. Keeping the presents tucked safely inside a self-storage will make them impossible to find.

Protecting Belongings in Storage While You’re Away

If you decide to leave your home and take a vacation, visit your friends and family, or get away from the action this holiday season, you may want to consider protecting your valuables from a possible home invasion. In addition to alerting your security company that you’ll be away and asking a neighbor to visit your home periodically, you may also want to consider storing some of your belongings at a suitable self-storage facility. At Treasure Island Storage, our accommodations include 24/7 security and monitoring to ensure that your items will be protected.

Self-Storage Will Help You Set up a Comfortable Family Space

Planning well and staying organized are key pillars associated with reducing some of the stress that can manifest during the holiday season. Securing the help of a professional storage facility is a step in the right direction.You might not feel as if you have enough space to entertain family and friends this year—especially if you live in a small apartment—but renting a self-storage unit is a great way to make room and get ready for the perfect holiday bash. For all of your self-storing needs, look no further than Treasure Island Storage. For more than 15 years, we’ve helped customers keep their items out of harm’s way and in safe and secure storage lockers.

Store Your Belonging with the Experts at Treasure Island Storage

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