How Self-Storage Can Help You Prep Your Apartment for Airbnb Guests


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August 5th, 2021

Preparing your home for Airbnb guests is an exciting but sometimes time-consuming process. Whether you’re planning a cross-country trip or just want additional income, renting out your apartment is a great way to earn some extra money while allowing friends and family to enjoy a comfortable environment.There’s a lot that goes into preparing your apartment for guests to stay. For your guests to have a fantastic experience, you’ll need to supply them with the necessary amenities and unique features. If you have a balcony or window ledge that shows a scenic view, accentuate the spot and make sure guests see the wonderful things that make up your beautiful home.

6 Ways to Get Your Apartment Ready for Airbnb Guests

Before you let anyone stay in your apartment, there are a few things you’ll need to know and provide for your guests. In order for guests to have a relaxing and enjoyable stay, follow the below tips to ensure your apartment is at its best:

Pack Away Personal Items

Most people don’t want strangers to touch their precious belongings, so storing your items in a self-storage unit or outside the home is a safe and cost-effective option. Completing this step first allows you to survey your home and see what you’ll need to purchase and provide.

Prepare Necessities

From toilet paper to hand soaps, some items are essential to provide. Guests won’t be expected to pack all their living necessities, and you will need to provide them with those essentials.

Add Some Fun Decorations

Staying in an apartment with plain decorations or something out of style is not exciting or noteworthy. While you may have all the essentials, if you want your guests to have an experience rather than just sleep in your apartment, you’ll need to add some fun decor.

Add Streaming Services and Wifi

After a long day of exploring the area or participating in fun activities, your guests will want to come back and rest. From posting pictures or watching a movie, guests want to stay connected to wifi and watch their favorite shows.

Invest in Professional Photography

In order for guests to find your apartment, you’ll need to take excellent photos that showcase all the accommodations and gorgeous features. People will want to spend more time in apartments that have relaxing environments.While there’s much that goes into managing a successful Airbnb, following these tips will start you on the right path. Supplying people with a healthy and exciting environment where they’ll create unforgettable memories is gratifying.

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