How Small Businesses Can Use Self-Storage to Prep for an Outdoor Market


TI Storage
July 8th, 2021

Outdoor markets have been trending amongst small businesses as a new way to promote your product or service with little financial investment. Whether you are taking part in a pop-up event, farmer’s or flea market, this is an excellent opportunity to test out new business techniques and market to a different audience.Treasure Island Storage is a self-storage facility equipped to help small businesses like yours succeed. If you plan to take part in an outdoor market, you may need to utilize self-storage for any equipment or stock that is needed for that event. The following tips will help you have a successful outdoor market event while keeping your business space clear of clutter.

Why Should Your Small Business Participate in an Outdoor Market?

If you have never had a booth at an outdoor market, then you don’t know what you are missing! As a small business, word of mouth is usually an essential form of marketing and reaching the local community. What better way to get positive word of mouth than by being present at a local outdoor market?

Why Would Self Storage Be Helpful to Your Small Business?

As you prepare for an outdoor market, you will likely need equipment and materials that you typically would not keep at your business space or storefront. Some of those items could be:
  • Display tables
  • Extra stock of items you may be selling
  • Display equipment, such as shelving
  • Racks for clothing or other products you may need to hang
  • Storage bins
  • Chairs
  • Tent to protect from the sun or rain
  • Signage
These items are likely to be primarily used for outdoor market events and do not need to be stored in your storefront or office. Having a storage space that is easily accessible will make it easy when it is time to set up for the outdoor market. Another perk is the elimination of clutter in your daily workspace.

How to Host a Successful Booth at Your Local Outdoor Market

Hosting a booth at an outdoor market is a great business opportunity and can be fun for you and your staff. The following tips will ensure you enjoy your event and find success for your small business:
  • Take safety precautions: COVID-19 is still a concern, so coming prepared with health and safety precautions will go a long way with your customers. Be sure to follow the CDC guidelines for your region and offer sanitation options to customers that shop at your booth.
  • Choose the right area: Consider your target audience for the products or services your small business offers and where that target audience is located.
  • Eye-catching booth: You want to make sure your booth is eye-catching and inviting so you attract more foot traffic during the market.
  • Utilize social media: Let your followers on social media know where and when they can find your booth at the outdoor market!
Perhaps most importantly, consider using self-storage! For help taking that step, look no further than the self-storage professionals at Treasure Island Storage.

NYC Self Storage Can Help Your Small Business

Small businesses are the heart of the New York City area, bringing unique and heartfelt products and services to the community. Whether you are preparing for an outdoor market or need to clear out some unnecessary clutter as your business grows, self-storage is the key to a more organized workspace.Treasure Island Storage offers flexible self-storage plans so you can choose the right self-storage option for your small business. With no contract and 24/7 security, you can trust that Treasure Island Storage will help you as you look to declutter and organize your business. Get started by contacting us here or call 212-804-8972.