How Storage Can Be Your Best Friend When You Have a New Baby


TI Storage
April 19th, 2021

When you’re a parent, stress is heightened, especially so when you have a new baby. Even if this is your fifth child, new babies require a level of care and attention that older children don’t. At Treasure Island Storage, we strive to make life easier and relieve stress in any way that we can. Believe it or not, there are many ways storage can be your best friend when you have a new baby.With a unit at Treasure Island Storage, you can make room for your new baby, store gifts from loved ones, and make room for moving or remodels.

Make Room for Your New Baby

If this is your first child, it’s time to make way for the many things that are going to come with parenthood. This may mean that you need to clear space in your extra bedroom or garage for the baby to be comfortable in.Maybe you were using your spare bedroom as a guest room with a full-size bed and a crib needs to take its place. Or maybe you were using the garage to store your bikes and now you need to make way for a stroller. Whatever the case, a storage unit is a perfect solution for the items you are not ready to say goodbye to just yet.

Store Gifts from Loved Ones

When it comes to having a new baby, the number of gifts you receive may be overwhelming. Of course, they are appreciated, but they eat up space nonetheless. Especially when it comes to babies, people tend to gift things you won’t need right away.As an example, someone may buy an awesome bouncer for your child, but the baby won’t be able to use it until they are at least three to five months old. Items like this would do very well waiting patiently in your unit at Treasure Island Storage.

Having Space for Remodels or Moves

With a new baby can come the need for more living space. Whether you are adding on to your existing home or looking for a new one, you can use your unit at Treasure Island Storage to house what you don’t need. This way, the added stress of clutter won’t be on your plate as you navigate a new baby and a change in your space.

Store Items from Other Children

As your other children grow, you will want to save things for sentimental value and as hand-me-downs. However, if you have items from your seven-year-old that you eventually want to pass on to your new baby, you do not need to have them taking up space in your home for six years. You can leave them safe and sound in your unit at Treasure Island Storage.This goes for games, toys, furniture, and sports equipment. You’ll spend less by storing them than you would be buying new things for each new baby. It will also save you the stress of shopping for new things when you know you already have them tucked away.

Get Started with Storing

Your storage unit will be your best friend when you have a new baby, we guarantee it! At Treasure Island Storage, we offer fair pricing, convenient locations, and a perfectly sized unit for you and your family. To learn more, you can fill out our online contact form or give us a call at 646-603-1505. We look forward to hearing from you!