TI Storage
September 11th, 2018

It may seem odd to say that renting a storage space can save your business money, but several kinds of businesses benefit from having a unit. In this economy, it’s pretty hard to get a business up and running. One of the biggest costs is having an office or storefront to keep all the items you need for your business. The cost of rent keeps a lot of people from being able to start a business. If you find that’s the case, a storage unit may be the perfect solution.Here’s how a business storage unit can help your company.

Businesses Without Office Space

When you run a business, there are certain materials you’ll need. Sometimes you can’t always keep that at home, or you don’t want to spend on a shop front or office. A storage center is a great solution. You can keep your extra paperwork, books, printers, computers, machinery, tools, etc., and get them whenever you need to do a job.

Businesses with Office Space

If, on the other hand, you already have an office space, you can lease a smaller office and use a storage unit to store your bulkier items. Signs, equipment, and supplies take up a considerable amount of room, and transferring these items to an off-site storage spot not only frees up your current office but spare you the necessity of having to rent a bigger and more expensive office.

Retail Businesses

Similarly, retail businesses can benefit from off-site storage. A business storage unit gives you the opportunity to rent a smaller shop front. Also, renting a storage unit can help maintain your valuable stock better. Secure storage saves your inventory from potential wear and tear as well as from vandalism and theft. By keeping your extra stock in a storage unit and decreasing your liability, you are taking steps to prevent monetary loss.

“Traveling” Businesses

Some businesses require a great deal of travel from place to place. If you are a sales representative, for example, using multiple storage units to keep your goods in strategic spots will cut down significantly on transportation costs. It will also free up more time, which you can then devote to advancing your business.Whatever your situation, renting a storage unit is a wise move for your business. With a little expenditure, you can decrease your overhead and increase your returns. Making use of off-site storage is a case of spending money to save money.Treasure Island Storage has state-of-the-art facilities that can help your business and save you money. We offer transparent pricing, quality customer service, and locations across the New York area. Contact our office at (347) 454-7455 to learn more about our storage solutions.