How the Technology Behind Self-Storage is Changing for the Better


TI Storage
January 14th, 2020

The concept behind self-storage sounds as simple as it gets. You need to store something, so you rent a unit and put your belongings in there. End of story. But like any good business, if the company hopes to expand, investments in new technology can’t be far behind. The most successful operations are definitely tech-savvy, and there have been some clear technology trends for this industry in the past year.The most successful storage companies have recognized that technological investments help them improve their customer service — giving the folks renting their units the level of service they now expect. Let’s take a closer look at how technology is helping to improve the overall quality of self-storage units.

How Is the Technology Behind Self-Storage Getting Better

Technology has improved many aspects of life — think about the evolution of the typewriter to the laptop as a good example. Customers not only want the highest level of convenience possible, but they’ve come to expect it. No business can ignore these trends for very long. Self-storage is already a fast-growing and thriving industry, available to meet the needs of individuals, families and businesses alike if they’re looking for solutions to their changing storage needs. This is particularly true in major urban areas like New York City, where space is at a premium, and both apartments and even commercial spaces are shrinking to accommodate high demand. Both renters and small businesses are learning to do with less space, which has made their storage needs grow rapidly.As this industry continues to expand, facilities need to be certain they have unique services to offer. One area where technology is driving success is security. Advancements in technology have enabled customers to feel much more comfortable putting their most valuable possessions in a storage unit. Some advances include:
  • Front gate security with digital access
  • Digital monitoring that includes 24-hour video surveillance
  • Electronic locks
  • Unit alarms
  • Enhanced lighting inside and out
  • Climate-controlled units that protect against extreme fluctuations in the weather.
The smartest storage facilities understand that every customer wants the peace of mind of knowing their items are safe and secure, which is why they invest in security. 

How Does Self-Service Apply to Self-Storage?

Another key aspect has been a greater emphasis on user experience. This is particularly true for Millennials, who are used to self-service — the kind of customers who often prefer to shop online rather than head into their local retail store, for example. It used to be that the customer experience would begin when they walk through the storage facility’s front door — but that’s no longer the case. Now it begins online. Storage facilities are responding by creating websites that not only list their address and phone number but also easy to follow directions to their buildings, free moving options available for bookings, and a live chat line. Today their websites have become just as crucial as their physical storefronts. For most storage facilities today, their first interaction with a new customer will be done online. And for a growing number of prospective customers, they don’t want to do business with someone who has a bad website. If you’re not online, you may not exist for some consumers.Websites are also ideal for other digital solutions, including:
  • Text reminders
  • Document e-signs
  • Online bill payments
  • Rent reminders
  • Monthly auto-pays
  • and front gate access by phone.
Many technological trends for storage facilities revolve around letting customers serve themselves and do more from their mobile devices. Self-storage technology trends recognize that customers are looking to help themselves from their smartphones and take advantage of automated tools like online move-in and bill pay. For tech-savvy customers, convenience key.

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