How to Choose the Best Lock for Your NYC Storage Unit


TI Storage
January 14th, 2020

Putting your personal belongings into a storage unit is a smart move if you no longer have enough room in your apartment, house, or office for everything you own. Storage units are a safe and affordable long-term solution and are ideal for when you can’t downsize.When people decide to rent a storage unit, one of their top concerns is how safe their belongings will be. While storage facilities often provide several layers of security, it’s always wise to put a lock on your unit.  But are some locks stronger and more durable than others? Let’s take a closer look at the best locks for properly securing your new self-storage unit. 

Are Storage Units a Safe Place for Your Property?

Storage units place a high premium on safety, for obvious reasons. A veteran facility like Treasure Island Storage will provide measures to ensure your unit can’t be accessed by thieves, including:
  • Front gate access controls
  • Digital monitoring including video surveillance
  • Proper indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Security cameras
  • Experienced staff monitoring the property
TI Storage also sells locks to anyone renting a storage unit. With the lock on the unit, most renters assume their belongings are safe. The investment in a lock provides plenty of peace of mind.However, keep in mind that saving money on an inexpensive lock might not be the way to go, especially if you have valuable items inside your unit. Getting the right lock — meaning one that’s extremely difficult, if not impossible, to break — would be a smart choice.While this may not seem like the most important consideration, taking the time to choose the most superior lock is worth the time and effort. 

How to Choose the Right Storage Unit Lock

A lock is a lock is a lock, right? Not quite. There are several factors to consider when selecting the right lock for your storage unit, including its durability and strength (can it last for years), and reliability when it comes to being used frequently (locking and unlocking it repeatedly.)Some questions to consider include:
  • Can the springs in a lock get impacted by the weather?
  • Is your lock easy to clean or will it rust?
  • Does your lock have sealed or restricted keyways that make it hard for dirt to get in?
Like any other product, locks vary when it comes to cost — and durability and reliability.  That’s why it helps to learn more about the most highly recommended locks before buying one.Your best options include:
  • Cylinder Locks: A common lock used on the front doors of homes, these locks also can’t be cut by bolt cutters (the owner inserts a key to move the bolt), so they’re recommended for self-storage. It comes with an anti-drill plate that prevents a drill from biting into the metal of the lock. This is often the most highly recommended among storage unit locks.
  • Disc Locks: Built like regular padlocks, their round shape makes them more difficult to break into. Available at most hardware stores, it’s also easy to find one that fits your storage facility door latch. These locks were specifically designed for storage units and are hard to get removed by a bolt cutter or hammer. You have a choice between a key or a combination.
  • Closed Shackle Padlock. While padlocks are the cheapest storage facility lock you can buy, and also the least secure, a closed shackle padlock has the addition of a thick cover to the u-shaped portion of the lock, eliminating some of the risks of being cut by bolt cutters. The shackle is shorter and thicker with a protective casing.
The least secure options are:
  • One Time Padlock: Among the cheapest lock you can buy, these locks are viewed as being among the least secure. They’re only opened by being cut — which means anyone can easily cut them. They tend to be a low-cost option, and they’re the easiest kind of lock to cut open. 
  • Single Combination Padlocks: These are also not recommended as a secure option since they tend not to be made with high-quality material. These are cheap locks because the manufacturer cuts costs through low-quality metal.
While a lock isn’t the only security measure at a storage facility, it’s your final defense against a break-in, so select wisely if you’re putting important items inside. So getting a quality lock is something you’ll want to do.

Discover TI Storage for Secure Self-Storage Solutions in NYC

Whatever it is you want to put in storage, we know it’s important to you. If you’re in need of a storage unit and want to be absolutely certain that your belongings are safe, security is a top concern at TI Storage, which is why we offer video surveillance, gated security, and climate-controlled units. Whatever you need to have stored, TI Storage has a variety of climate-controlled storage units to suit your needs. Located throughout New York and New Jersey, TI Storage is guaranteed to be the top choice for self-storage near you. Simply locate the Treasure Island Storage in your neighborhood and stop by. Our team of storage solution associates will show you around and help you reserve the unit you need. Contact us today!