How to Clean and Store Your Halloween Costumes


TI Storage
September 19th, 2021

Halloween is the time of year when it’s acceptable to get dressed up and eat all the candy you could want — what could be better?. It’s a fun season, but like all seasons, it comes to an end. November 1st means putting your costume away. It might be easiest to throw your Halloween costume in a random corner, but if you want to re-use it in later years, this is not the best method. Your costume requires cleaning and proper storage methods to keep it in good condition.

Clean Your Costume Before Storing

An excellent place to start is looking at the cleaning instructions on your costume. Depending on the material of your costume, it will require different cleaning methods. For example, a beaded or sequin costume needs to be hand washed to prevent the falling of the beads or sequins. Some costumes will need to be dry cleaned, and for others, it will be perfectly safe to throw them in a washing machine.

Cleaning Your Halloween Mask

Cleaning your Halloween masks requires a different approach from the clothing of your costume. Don’t throw your masks into a washer machine or dryer. Clean your masks with a towel using hand soap and warm water. When cleaning your masks, make sure to pay close attention to the eye and mouth opening. Make sure your mask is completely dry before storing it to avoid mold or peeling.

Cleaning Your Halloween Wig

Make sure to use shampoo and conditioner specifically for synthetic wigs to clean out your wig. Place your clean wing on a towel on a flat surface to air dry. Don’t blow dry, hang, or place your wig in direct sunlight to dry. Attempting to do anything other than air drying will damage the fibers in the hair and stretch the cap. Once dry, comb out and detangle the wig. Start combing at the bottom, then move up. Combing out your wig in this way will smooth out your wig and will remove unwanted knots.

Cleaning Your Halloween Accessories

Most costumes come with accessories, whether they’re fake jewelry, hats, or fake weapons. Before placing your accessories in storage, they need cleaning as well. Wipe down fake jewelry and weapons with a wet towel. Depending on the material, a Halloween hat might need handwashing, or it could just need to be wiped down. Ensure that all accessories are dry before placing them in their storage containers.

How to Store Your Halloween Costume

Avoid throwing all elements of your Halloween costume into one bin. To better preserve the condition of your costume, individually store costume elements. Your Halloween garments can be stored in a vacuum bag that keeps out air and dust to preserve the material of your costume.Accessories and any makeup products for your costume should be in their own containers. Make sure to secure the lids and caps on any makeup product before storing them. Fill the inside of your costume hats with acid-free tissue to help them keep their shape before placing them in their storage container.Once the separate parts of your Halloween costume are in their proper container, label them accordingly. By labeling each container, you’ll have an easier time finding the components of your costume for next year. Have a designated place for your Halloween storage needs.

Store Your Halloween Costumes and Decorations at Treasure Island Storage

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