How to Cope with Moving on from Your Old Home


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September 5th, 2021

Transitions can be challenging. Moving from a home you’ve been at for a long time, or even your whole life is bound to be a difficult process, and a big move like this can bring on homesickness, a symptom of a longing for the familiar.For most, there is a general feeling of loss for the security and predictability of their old home. For some, they might experience more severe symptoms from the transition. Anxiety, sadness, or fear can all present as a natural reaction to transitioning from a comfortable environment into an unknown.

Tips for Coping after a Move

Whether you experience a general feeling of loss or debilitating anxiety, being homesick is natural. Homesickness doesn’t need to define your moving experience, and you can manage by keeping a few tips in mind.

Allow Yourself to be Sad

Sometimes, the most challenging aspect about experiencing negative emotions is admitting that you’re feeling that way in the first place. Admitting to yourself and allowing yourself to be sad will help you eventually accept your big move. Once you accept you’re not feeling well, you can begin to help yourself and ask for help.

Use the Memories of Your Old Home to Your Advantage

Thinking back to what has been lost or left behind is painful, but it can also help. You loved your old home for a reason. Looking at your old memories can help you build new memories. Find the belongings from your old home that you can introduce into your new home. You might never be able to go back, but you can build a space you’ll love from those memories.

Create New Routines and Transitions

A new environment means adapting. To help you through your homesickness, find a new routine that fits your new home and new life. If there was a specific cafe around the corner of your old home, but there’s no cafe near you, then adjust. Create a small space in your kitchen for a coffee station. Buy yourself a home espresso machine and make your new routine all about making coffee for yourself.

Get out of the House/Research the Area

It’s normal to feel isolated and alone in a new environment. We don’t know our way around, so our instinct is not to leave the house. Getting to know your new area can help you feel more comfortable and help you build new relationships. Find your new spots. We all have that one grocery store we always go to or are loyal to a specific hairdresser. If you’re a churchgoer, find a new church. Finding our way through the new neighborhood might feel overwhelming at first, but it’ll help in the long run to make you feel more at home.

Have a Support System

Being in a new place can be lonely, especially before researching the area. Keeping in touch with loved ones through this time is going to be crucial in helping you adjust. Have your friends and family visit the new place and start creating new memories.

Make Friends

Having your support system is vital to helping you feel settled, but so is making new friends. People help build the atmosphere of home. When you’re out exploring your area, attempt to make connections. Maybe at your new church, there are groups you can join. If you don’t go to church, try finding activities in your area. Consider volunteering or joining a club.

Stay Healthy

During this transitioning period, keep your health at the forefront. Going for walks or runs around the neighborhood will not only help keep you physically healthy, but it’ll allow you to get to know your area. It’ll be tempting when first moving to survive only on fast food and take out, but it’s not the healthiest option. Cooking for yourself is not only healthier, but it’ll help you familiarize yourself with your new kitchen. The more you get to know your new surroundings, the better.

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