How to Easily Pack Dishes for Moving & Storing


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December 17th, 2020

When preparing for a move, the kitchen is often the most dreaded area to pack up. This is because kitchens have the most breakable items in the house. From plates to glasses and coffee mugs to wine glasses, it seems at least something will get broken during the move. The good news is that packing dishes for a move or storage is relatively easy. Here’s what you need to know for packing dishes safely.

What Materials Do I Need to Pack Dishes?

The key to success when packing dishes is packing paper. You’re going to need a lot of it. You’ll also need dish boxes, packing tape, and labels or markers. If you can’t find enough packing paper, bubble wrap will work just the same. Do your best to avoid using newspapers, though. Ink tends to rub off onto the dishes. There’s a good chance that it’ll wash off, but there’s also a chance that the ink will stain the plate or glass.You may be asking yourself, “What’s a dish box?” Dish boxes are designed to carry dishes and other breakable items, so they’re much stronger than regular cardboard boxes. The extra padding will absorb the shock if an accident occurs in transit.

How to Pack Kitchen Items for a Move

Your plates need to be packed differently than your cups. Packing everything the same way could result in items breaking.Regardless of what’s inside the box, you’ll always want to tape the bottom multiple times. Once your box is made, line the bottom with a few packing paper sheets, usually about six inches’ worth. Wrap up dishes according to their specific needs (more on that below) and place it inside the box. After your box is full, crumble up more packing paper and fill in the extra space. You don’t want any extra room for items to move around.Beyond buying enough packing paper, here are a few other tips when packing up your kitchen:
  • Stack dishes vertically
  • Label every box “fragile” and “this way up”
  • Don’t overpack boxes or make them too heavy
Now that you know the general rules for packing dishes, learn how to pack your plates, bowls, and cups properly.

Packing Bowls and Plates

Despite their different shapes, you can pack bowls and plates the same way. First, you want to place your item in the center of a sheet of packing paper. Bring one corner in until all four corners meet in the middle. The tape down the center and put each dish in the box vertically.

Packing Cups, Mugs, and Glasses

To start packing your cups, mugs, or glasses, crumple up a sheet or two of packing paper and put it inside the glass. Then place your cup on one end of packing paper and roll it to the other end. Once you get to the end of the paper, tape the edge down and place the item in the box.If you’re packing an item with a handle or a stem, make sure to wrap the handle separately before wrapping the item. This will ensure that nothing gets broken during transit.

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